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Medical Services Medical Services, Nutritional IV, Nutrient Injectible Therapy: Wellness, wellbeing and your personal energy level has never been more important. In today's world, if you lose your health and wellbeing, re-gaining what you have lost can be time consuming and elusive.

Many will have to decide that returning themselves to their state of wellness is a personal mission; one to be pursued with the determination of a crusade. Internal Balance is the place to begin your mission.
Breast Detox & Health Do your breasts hold toxins? When you breast feed; are you feeding your baby their future immunity plus chemicals? Do industrial chemicals and exogenous hormones trapped in your breast cause cancer? Are your estrogen receptors clogged with other estrogen mimicking chemicals, making your own production of estrogen increasingly more dangerous to your breast tissue?
Sports Nutrition Biochemical nutrition and detoxification can help promote performance in sports as well. When the body is not burdened metabolically by toxicity and lack of nutrition, the body can do miraculous things.

Energy is increased, efficiency of utilizing our fuel is improved and muscle strength and development is sharply enhanced.
Ionithermie Ionithermie reduces the orange peel appearance of cellulite, causing clinically proven inch loss.

Ionithermie works by using two kinds of electrical stimuli, algae, conductive clay and Les Complexes Biotechniques product range. It is the only treatment on the market to incorporate all of these elements to maximize the results on cellulite.
Detoxification --- A New Idea for a New Generation At Internal Balance we offer treatments that are unique for each of our clients. Every person who comes to us arrives with his or her own set of needs, which we take seriously and address individually.
Concious Conception Round-Up "Glyphosate" ready seed and sprayed crops along with GMO "Genetically Modified Organisms" are destroying our GUTS and our Human Microbiomes. - Click Here to Watch Video
"What we EAT Matters to our Fetus's development and Future Health all the way through the Birth Canal" - Click Here to Read Full Article

It is our goal at Internal Balance Inc. to create the awareness for young woman to begin a detoxification program prior to conceiving. Research is beginning to confirm what many people would consider common sense; women are passing their accumulated toxic burden to their babies while pregnant. We have now had 70 years of toxic bioaccumulation of chemicals acquired from our environment.
Chronic Fatigue- Chronic Lyme Syndromes Fatigue has become one of the nations #1 wellness complaints for millions of Americans and even children. The key to the success of your detoxification program is addressing underlying toxicity and metabolic dysfunction.

Many people, men, women, and children have trouble falling and staying asleep at night. This interrupted sleep pattern can be related to conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism and the latest disease “restless leg syndrome.”
Autism What has changed to bring about the Autism epidemic? Many experts are digging deep to find the answers in our genetics. But, isn’t it possible that our genetics are playing out diseases earlier in life due to accumulated toxicity and injured DNA.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Tamara Mariea’s professional career has been her work with families battling autism.
Tamara Mariea “ Certified Clinical Nutritionist who has worked with clients from all over the world for years, helping them improve their health, performance and quality of life through the principals of detoxification, bioenergetics and human clinical nutrition.One of the most rewarding aspects of Tamara Mariea’s professional career has been her work with families battling autism.”

Tamara Mariea


Tamara Jo Mariea, PhD, CCN
Biochemist/Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Tamara Mariea, Founder and Director of Internal Balance, Inc., is a biochemist with a PhD in Environmental Toxicology and is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist who has worked with clients from all over the world for years, helping them improve their health, performance and quality of life through the principals of detoxification, bioenergetics and human clinical nutrition.


In 2000, Mariea opened a private wellness practice, Internal Balance Inc., which is today located in Brentwood, Tennessee. She founded the clinic based on the research and principals of Dr. Roger Williams whom in 1950 at The University of Texas, Austin, wrote a landmark article called “Biochemical Individuality”. She has branched out into other synergistic disciplines such as environmental wellness, detoxification and bioenergetics. Some of the developed strategies and principles of her practice are based on Einstein’s theories of quantum physics, encompassing her approach with bioenergetic therapeutics. Although she is highly sought after and receives accolades for her work with some of the biggest names in professional football and basketball, Mariea has helped hundreds of clients; from children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and brain injuries, to adults battling the on-set of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Lyme’s Disease, and other neurodegenerative conditions. She has successfully helped many women with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia along with hormonal imbalances. Her passion is to balance individuals through her program so that literally their bodies resume the fight to return to a healthy state.

Recognizing that there may be a significant connection between the increases in incidence of many diseases today and the exponential increase in wireless radiation (cell phone) use over the past three decades, Mariea has implemented Bioenergetic Medicine into her detoxification process. She and her clients are realizing truly remarkable results. Mariea’s education and research is expansive in the area of personalized wellness care for the individual and, as such, she has published her research in the Australasian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine, 2007.

Personal challenges several years ago moved Mariea’s career in a specific direction that has proven important to her clients: In 2002, Mariea, who had always prided herself on taking care of her health through nutrition and exercise, found herself in a debilitating situation. Mariea suffered from confusion, dizziness, difficulty breathing, increased sensitivity, irritability, nose bleeds and debilitating headaches after a lawn care company treated her property with a type of pesticide that is known as a nerve gas, organophosphates. It became apparent that the residue entered her neurological system with severe damaging effects. [Read Tamara's Story]

Dr. William Rea, a well-known environmental medical doctor, began treating Mariea and introduced her to the physiological process of detoxification. Because of the excellent results she achieved personally, she began to incorporate detoxification into her own existing clinical nutrition practice with tremendous success and has since developed a unique program second to none in the world.

A decade before her own health crisis, the death of her closest friend from Leukemia in 1992, prompted Mariea to dedicate her professional career to improving the health of others. Her study and commitment to nutrition as an avenue to better health, was an important step in her ever evolving career path and development of her company. Early in her career, Mariea became a Sanitarian and a Certified Hazardous Materials Specialist and built a reputation as an expert in industrial and commercial toxicology, consulting with industry management on proper environmental health & safety procedures, hazardous waste management, air emission control standards and water quality. She also participated in large scale Superfund Site Clean-Ups, underground storage tank removals and many other waste site remedial projects. She was often the liaison between regulatory entities such as the EPA, OSHA and industry polluters.

Tamara BirthdayTamara’s program has ironically evolved from experiential data collected while in the environmental field, clinical nutrition and nutritional supplement industries, and then the devastating poisoning with a neurological toxin that required neurological detoxification of a fat soluble pesticide. This unique walk through the last 20 years has appropriately prepared her for the toxic world we live in and the understanding of mystery conditions that have left the traditional medical communities puzzled. Her services are usually sought out after multiple attempts have failed to put an answer to chronic syndromes of fatigue and malaise. Her strategies are unique and out-of-the box, incorporating a scientific detective approach likening to the sitcom “House”. She credits GOD for all of her insights and wisdom and believes that her faith has given her favor in the areas of knowledge of the human body as it exists in this generation at this time in history. Tamara is considered the “Diva of Detox” and has an internet radio show on LA talk Radio, She has lectured to large groups of people regarding subjects as controversial as Lyme’s Disease, Cell Phone Dangers and Autism.

Certified Clinical Nutritionist