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Medical Services Medical Services, Nutritional IV, Nutrient Injectible Therapy: Wellness, wellbeing and your personal energy level has never been more important. In today's world, if you lose your health and wellbeing, re-gaining what you have lost can be time consuming and elusive.

Many will have to decide that returning themselves to their state of wellness is a personal mission; one to be pursued with the determination of a crusade. Internal Balance is the place to begin your mission.
Breast Detox & Health Do your breasts hold toxins? When you breast feed; are you feeding your baby their future immunity plus chemicals? Do industrial chemicals and exogenous hormones trapped in your breast cause cancer? Are your estrogen receptors clogged with other estrogen mimicking chemicals, making your own production of estrogen increasingly more dangerous to your breast tissue?
Sports Nutrition Biochemical nutrition and detoxification can help promote performance in sports as well. When the body is not burdened metabolically by toxicity and lack of nutrition, the body can do miraculous things.

Energy is increased, efficiency of utilizing our fuel is improved and muscle strength and development is sharply enhanced.
Ionithermie Ionithermie reduces the orange peel appearance of cellulite, causing clinically proven inch loss.

Ionithermie works by using two kinds of electrical stimuli, algae, conductive clay and Les Complexes Biotechniques product range. It is the only treatment on the market to incorporate all of these elements to maximize the results on cellulite.
Detoxification --- A New Idea for a New Generation At Internal Balance we offer treatments that are unique for each of our clients. Every person who comes to us arrives with his or her own set of needs, which we take seriously and address individually.
Concious Conception Round-Up "Glyphosate" ready seed and sprayed crops along with GMO "Genetically Modified Organisms" are destroying our GUTS and our Human Microbiomes. - Click Here to Watch Video
"What we EAT Matters to our Fetus's development and Future Health all the way through the Birth Canal" - Click Here to Read Full Article

It is our goal at Internal Balance Inc. to create the awareness for young woman to begin a detoxification program prior to conceiving. Research is beginning to confirm what many people would consider common sense; women are passing their accumulated toxic burden to their babies while pregnant. We have now had 70 years of toxic bioaccumulation of chemicals acquired from our environment.
Chronic Fatigue- Chronic Lyme Syndromes Fatigue has become one of the nations #1 wellness complaints for millions of Americans and even children. The key to the success of your detoxification program is addressing underlying toxicity and metabolic dysfunction.

Many people, men, women, and children have trouble falling and staying asleep at night. This interrupted sleep pattern can be related to conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism and the latest disease “restless leg syndrome.”
Autism What has changed to bring about the Autism epidemic? Many experts are digging deep to find the answers in our genetics. But, isn’t it possible that our genetics are playing out diseases earlier in life due to accumulated toxicity and injured DNA.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Tamara Mariea’s professional career has been her work with families battling autism.
Tamara Mariea “ Certified Clinical Nutritionist who has worked with clients from all over the world for years, helping them improve their health, performance and quality of life through the principals of detoxification, bioenergetics and human clinical nutrition.One of the most rewarding aspects of Tamara Mariea’s professional career has been her work with families battling autism.”

Chronic Fatigue- Chronic Lyme Syndromes

Restoring the body’s ability to acquire a full nights rest provides benefits toward detoxification, repair, and recovery that are immeasurable. Addressing individuals sleep concerns is a priority focus for each one of our clients. Even if you don’t have a diagnosed condition but are suffering from interrupted sleep patterns or insomnia, please inquire about our natural approach to sleep remedies offered by VibroNutrients™.

Increased Energy Levels

Fatigue has become one of the nations #1 wellness complaints for millions of Americans and even children. The key to the success of your detoxification program is addressing underlying toxicity and metabolic dysfunction. There is substantial scientific evidence now making it’s way into the mainstream medical literature that by improving mitochondrial functions through the use of biochemical nutrition and the principles employed in the Internal Balance detoxification regimen that an increase in energy, vitality, and a sense of well being is likely to be achieved. Without enhancing energy output at the cellular level, complete detoxification is not possible for the human being. This is why at Internal Balance we are so successful and uniquely capable of assisting you with a full body detoxification program suited to your wellness objectives.

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 Kari's Story

In the summer of 2003, my sophomore year in college, I was bitten by a dog while selling books door-to-door in Kingsport, TN. Very soon after, I began to have flu-like symptoms that would not go away. I began to have symptoms of ADD where I was unable to concentrate, “THIS WAS NOT ME”! I had memory loss and became very concerned over my health. By November of 2004, I was so sick that I could barley make it to my classes, the work load even though no different than what I had been able to keep up with previous to the dog bite became unbearable. The immense fatigue, inflammation and pain that I was now suffering from forced me to quit school.

In January of 2005, after four complete physicals, I was diagnosed with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) at 20, YIKES! Human Parvo Virus B-19 also showed up on my lab work which made us all look back at that dog bite in perplexity over what in the world did this dog do to me? Nothing changed and I continued to get worse, my rheumatoid factor continued to rise to a severely off the charts level even though I was medicated, I now I had the trusted doctors perplexed. Looking back on this BIG clue, we now know this was a strong sign of Lyme disease. The doctor’s comments were, “Kari will deal with this for the rest of her life, and she’ll have good days and bad days, but will ultimately get worse. We are doing what we can, but there is little hope”. Out of fear, my parents began to search for alternative sources for my pain and were referred to a well known chiropractor. Thank GOD, for Dr. Adair, he recognized my symptoms as potential Lyme disease and again gave us a track for hope. By October 2005, I was being treated as a Lyme patient and put on my 1st round of antibiotics. Within 1 month I was so deathly ill, that my sister, who was home from college for Thanksgiving, ask my mother, “MOM, is Kari going to die”? My mother’s reply was, “Jennifer, I don’t know”. At this point, I literally could not turn myself over in the middle of the night, nor pull my covers up to stay warm for myself. My dad was carrying me to the bathroom, to the car, to the kitchen, to the TV room, all the time! I had NO STRENGTH. They began discussing the need for a wheelchair, I was devastated, but indeed I had a definitive diagnosis that came in from IGENIX on November 1st 2005, I had Lyme disease.

Outside of antibiotic therapy, there seemed to be no other hope and even then the antibiotics were tearing me up. My mother began searching the globe for alternative Lyme treatment options and came across a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. She also found a local detoxification studio in Nashville, TN, but felt convicted to put me on a plane and accompanied me to Mexico. The International Biocare Hospital provided excellent alternative care and showed us the potential for utilizing detoxification strategies in my treatment plan for Lyme. After experiencing the benefits of detoxification and its ability to help me manage the negative side effects of antibiotic therapy, we returned to TN, with a new direction and pursued the local detoxification studio, Internal Balance Inc. that came so highly recommended. We also were recommended to a Lyme Specialist in Mobile, AL, Dr. McCuller's. On March 20th 2006, we met Tamara Mariea for the 1st time. Tamara is a Biochemist, Detoxification Specialist and the owner of Internal Balance Inc. Little did we know how much Tamara could help us as she proved to be an enormous wealth of knowledge. This was not all, Tamara is a beautiful Christian that is faithful and in prayer with GOD over every case she takes on. This certainly resonated with my family.

In our first consultation after briefly reviewing my laboratory reports, she said that Human Parvo Virus B19 was a bigger issue than we have been lead to believe and that in order to completely heal Kari, we would eventually have to deal with Parvo virus as well. My dad, from the very beginning felt the same way! We suspiciously went back to the dog bite of 2003. The rejuvenation circuit as Tamara calls it is a studio filled with equipment to support the detoxification process, mechanically assisting the body to remove all kinds of toxins, including Lyme’s insidious biotoxins. This, along with nutritional detoxification cocktails was recommended and no less than 40 sessions was discussed. We had an appointment scheduled with Dr. McCuller’s down in Mobil the next week. Tamara recommended that we keep that appointment and that we use a co-therapy approach to getting at this Lyme. My parents felt very comfortable with her approach and scheduled to begin my detoxification sessions at her studio. We returned from Dr. McCuller’s office with yet another antibiotic regime. Ugh! Up to this point, I have not been able to successfully take any antibiotic without becoming completely derailed since beginning them in October 2005. This was my 6th month attempting antibiotic treatments.

WOW, what we discovered this time is that I could handle it with the assistance of Tamara and the Internal Balance Detox Studio. It wasn’t easy, but today, December 13, 2006, I am feeling 95-100% better and I have gained my life back. Before I go into all the final results and outcome I want to tell you a little bit about the journey with Internal Balance. First of all, Tamara’s staff that runs the studio is amazing. They were always there ready and on time for our appointments. They are all so kind and caring; it’s as if Tamara implanted a cloning Care Factor in their hearts. Tamara utilizes two other professionals to assist her with gathering important physiological information from her client’s conditions, a chiropractor and superb NAET/BRT specialist and an alternative Medical Doctor that does her IV Nutritional Therapy when needed. Tamara sat in on my 1st appointment with the NAET/BRT specialist. I have to admit we were a little weirded out. I have never heard of the body being electrical and that all things on this earth, including nasty Lyme disease had its own frequency. Tamara said that until we change my unhealthy weakend vibratory state, by eliminating electromagnetic stress and other toxins in my environment, the Lyme would continue to use my body as a host to thrive and stay alive. Tamara recommended that we address my electro-environment immediately! She put a BIOLife Pendant around my neck to protect me from ambient radiation, as well as to assist my own Biofield (i.e. energetic resistance) against the Lyme.

The care continued with all these recommendations. My parents were so committed and continued to support this route of therapy. We began our first session with Tamara immediately. The journey began and it was tough. Tamara assured me that until I was finished with the last round of antibiotics, I would continue to struggle, but that she could help mitigate the negative side effects with her nutrient cocktails. Sure enough she was right. She gave me one of her famous Fungal/Yeast cocktails every time I was in for Detox, YUM! I was in the studio 3 times/week and she was cocktailing me to death there for awhile. My mother was with me the entire time; she sat there reading everything Tamara put into her hands. It takes approximately 3 ½ hours to get through each Detox session. I was so exhausted after the sessions, but began to see small incremental improvements. The 1st thing we noticed was my ability to handle the antibiotic treatments. I didn’t even become fungal, like so many people do with antibiotic therapy for Lyme. Tamara recommended a special Lyme remedy and protocol to coordinate with Dr. McCuller’s antibiotic therapy. We began this treatment several sessions into my detox regime. At first I felt worse, but as I moved through all 4 boxes of this remedy, I began to feel better. The next remedy box she recommended was for the Parvo Virus. I immediately felt horrible again and had a splitting, almost migraine headache. I thought Oh no, I can’t handle another intense pain like this. Tamara consulted with another practitioner that deals with a lot Lyme disease. We tested and identified several other co-infectious viruses and bacteria (i.e. Coxsackie’s virus, EBV, and PeptoStrep). Once I began the Coxsackie’s remedy and the Venus Fly Trap, it was like night and day, my headache went away and I began to feel significantly better. The only thing that I felt was still lingering was a bad case of chronic fatigue.

Our 1st 40 Detox sessions were about to end and Tamara recommended another 40 sessions, she said that it would be wise to continue with a reduced frequency at the studio, but that it is so important to continue detoxing until your are completely healed. What, completely healed, didn’t the doctors say, this was not possible? Everything Tamara has recommended so far has worked; therefore we decided that another 40 session package made sense.

Tamara decided to investigate a bit further into the chronic fatigue issue. EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) reared its ugly head as a present issue. Tamara recommended yet another remedy series, zeroing in on EBV. I took the 1st vial of this remedy and literally overnight I felt energy. From that point everyday has been completely a downhill ride back to health. The mountain that I had to climb, the investigation and search for answers all seemed behind me now. I began to feel so good that I re-enrolled into school to finish my degree; something I felt would never be able to happen. I have taken on 17 hours of school, continue to detox in Tamara’s studio about once every three weeks and am maintaining my recovery. I can even stay up late to study, get up early the next day to go work out. My muscle which was all but completely deteriorated has been restored with Tamara’s amazing nutritional interventions. I believe that Tamara can help anyone, no matter what state of debilitation their body is in and she knows so much about the human body, that I feel confident she can develop a detox strategy and nutritional intervention recovery program for just about anyone or anything. Thank God for the knowledge that he gives to Tamara and her amazing protocols, I feel like I have my life back!



Laura's Story

It was by mere happen chance that I came across Internal Balance.  I was searching for a therapy called Ionithermie and found the internet website for the clinic.  My friend was intrigued with the site and we decided to call for information.  Little did I know, I was about to discover the answers underlying my lifelong fatigue.   Fatigue I have had on and off since I was in 5th grade.  I was 33 when I found Internal Balance.  When I came to the clinic I was at a place of desperation, needing someone to help me find answers.  My body felt as though it was saying, “Enough, I can’t do this anymore!”  I felt like my organs were shutting down, my body was running out of steam.  I was severely exhausted ALL the time.  I am a single mom and was desperately afraid of losing my children if it were discovered how little energy I had to give them.  I was literally just surviving, just getting by, and every day seemed a torture to get through.  I would do nothing more than get up with the kids, get them ready and to school, come home and go back to bed for 6 hours.  I then would wake up deal with their needs for a couple hours after school, get them fed and then just count the minutes until they went to bed so that I could fall back into bed.  I must have been laying horizontal in bed most days up to 16-18 hours and never felt rested.  


NOW, after 15 months of intense physiological detoxification at Internal Balance’s clinic, I can truly say I got my life back.  I am so grateful for this process, for Tamara who has uniquely balanced me through her detail and care for my unique situation. 

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Marie's Story

When I first walked into the Internal Balance Clinic, I was a very sick person.  I was 70lbs. I had been utterly exhausted, with no relief, for years. I had pain all over my body (particularly my back and neck). I was having tics, shakes and seizures. My heart wasn’t right. It felt weak in my chest. I had heart palpitations and horrible parasympathetic nervous system reactions to go with it. I was pretty much bed or house bound. My emotions were out of control; I cried all the time. I had daily, hourly, panic attacks. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t remember simple things or keep track of any thought patterns. I felt like I was dying. I was barely able to take care of myself, let alone my two children...

I never expected to recover to this extent. I had resigned myself to a life of a disabled person. All I was hoping for was to stop the seizures, spasms, panic attacks and heart problems…but I received so much more! It is 5 months later and every day I make improvements…I never miss a dose of VibroNutrients! I have hope again!

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