Tamara Mariea

Tamara Jo Mariea, PhD, CCN
Biochemist/Certified Clinical Nutritionist


Tamara Mariea, Founder and Director of Internal Balance, Inc., is a biochemist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, who has worked with clients from all over the world for years, helping them improve their health and quality of life through detoxification, bioenergetics and nutrition.

In 2000, Mariea opened a private wellness practice, Internal Balance Inc., which is today located in Nashville, Tennessee. She founded the clinic based on the research and principals of Dr. Roger Williams in 1950 at The University of Texas, Austin known as Biochemical Individuality, as well as Dr. Jeffery Bland’s research on Genetic Nutritioneering at The Functional Medicine Institute in Gig Harbor, WA. However, she has branched out into other more critical and synergistic disciplines such as environmental wellness, detoxification and bioenergetics.

Phyllis Frost

Phyllis Frost, RN, BSN

Originally a diploma nursing program graduate, I returned to school to obtain my BSN in 1979 from the University of Florida. My experience includes 24 years in Labor & Delivery along with 9 additional years in the PACU for Gynecological surgeries. I recently retired from full-time nursing after 33 years at Vanderbilt Medical Center! I am now very happy to be providing my IV expertise and lengthy nursing experience for Internal Balance Inc. on a par-time basis. Working here part-time is enjoyable and refreshing and I have an opportunity to stay sharp with my IV skills along with learning something very different late in my career.

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