Far-Infrared Sauna Therapy

Internal Balance utilizes a multi-modality approach to detoxification. Our philosophy and experience has proven that there is no one piece of equipment, product, cleanse or supplement that can solely accomplish the goal of detox for individuals who truly desire to use detox as a path toward their health recovery. Far-infrared Sauna is one of these modalities and although it is used in our clinic; it is sequenced into a customized detoxification approach for each individual’s visit and it is not always used in every case. This is not unlike any of the modalities we use.

The use of a FAR-Infrared Sauna has been proven in clinical trials to be very effective in aiding the detoxification process. Its ability to penetrate tissues and deeper organ systems make it an ideal detoxification companion strategy for detoxifying the body, the brain, and the spinal cord. Many of the toxins that we are exposed to today are lipophilic (literally meaning fat-loving). These toxins become deposited in the body’s fatty tissues and organ systems. The nervous system is particularly vulnerable to these types of toxins due to the phospholipids structure of the brain.

FAR-Infrared Sauna is different than a typical health club (high heat) sauna producing an saunaenergy wave that penetrates the human body. As a result, detoxification and metabolic pathways begin to open thereby supporting and enhancing the body’s natural detoxification process. These FAR-Infrared waves are not impeded by oxygen or nitrogen molecules (major components of our physiological and biochemical makeup) thus they are able to reach into the body’s detoxification system organs. These waves literally have the ability to induce a 1-3˚F core temperature increase within the body likening to a mildly induced fever. Ultimately then triggering increased activity of the metabolic pathways and releasing toxins commonly stored within and around soft and fatty tissues.

Throughout the FAR-Infrared Sauna process, an equilibration process occurs with the subcutaneous release of toxins, resulting in further mobilization and elimination of deeper stored toxins. Eventually, these deeply stored toxins will reach the subcutaneous layer and be eliminated, as well. It’s as if the toxins are released in an un-layering manner from the deeper tissues and organs of the body and then moved toward the external mucosal and subcutaneous tissues for excretion and removal. There are multiple pathways that are stimulated by FAR-Infrared waves (i.e. liver detoxification/metabolic pathways, kidney filtration, lipid mobilization resulting in higher volume stool elimination, and subcutaneous release via sweat. All this is to say that Far-Infrared Sauna Therapy is an excellent modality in assisting a comprehensive physiological detox, which is why we use them here at Internal Balance Inc.

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