About Us

Our Mission

Internal Balance™ provides a comprehensive, research-based, and individualized approach to detoxification. It is a place where unique challenges are identified and unique strategies are designed to support a person’s body to allow them to let go of complex toxic burdens. The subtle changes that occur convert darkness into light and give way to understanding your condition and provides hope. It is a place where taking the time to make a difference is our biggest priority. Our mission is to work with your body and its’ complex design in a Christ-centered environment to restore your temple to what it was originally created to do…Heal itself!

Our Story

The caring staff at the Internal Balance clinic located in Brentwood TN, just outside of Nashville, is a team of experienced professionals that identify, treat and correct the unique biochemical issues of clients by addressing the needs of each client and his or her special circumstances.

Tamara Mariea, a Biochemist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, has dedicated more than a decade of her life to helping her clients, of all ages, achieve internal balance and optimal wellness through highly respected and researched therapies in the areas of detoxification, bioenergetics and nutrition. Her passion, dedication, result-oriented strategies and vast experience have helped hundreds, from children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Brain Injuries to adults with the on-set of Alzheimer’s, ALS and other neurodegenerative conditions. Tamara has also developed highly respected Nutrition Detox and Performance Programs for well-known Professional NFL and NBA athletes.

Tamara’s illustrious career started with a Degree in Biology/Biochemistry from Bowling Green State University in 1990. Upon graduating, Tamara entered the environmental field, where she became a Certified Hazardous Materials Specialist. Utilizing these specialized certifications she enjoyed a successful career in industrial and commercial toxicology, consulting with industry management on proper environmental health & safety procedures, hazardous waste management, air emission control standards and water quality. She also participated in large scale Superfund Site Clean-Ups and many other waste site remedial projects. She was often the liaison between regulatory entities such as the EPA, OSHA and industry.

Her career path changed course in 1992 with the tragic loss of her best friend, to Leukemia. It was then that Tamara’s passion turned to preventive wellness (specifically cancer prevention) and she immersed herself in the field of nutrition. Her determination to pursue a proactive, healthy lifestyle led her to many of the finest nutrition based Wellness Companies in the U.S. Realizing the potential for growth in the $1 trillion dollar health and wellness industry, Mariea began her Post-Graduate work in 1998 in Clinical Nutrition through the American Academy of Nutrition and the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCB) out of Dallas, TX, where she graduated with high honors in 2000.

In 2000, Mariea opened a private wellness practice, Internal Balance Inc., which is today located in Nashville, Tennessee. She founded the clinic utilizing research and principals put forth by Dr. Roger Williams in 1950 at The University of Texas, Austin known as Biochemical Individuality, as well as Dr. Jeffery Bland’s research on Genetic Nutritioneering out of The Functional Medicine Institute in Gig Harbor, WA.

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