Autism Testimonials

Ava is about to be 11 years old! Happy Birthday, Ava! Her parents brought Ava to Internal Balance Inc. a year and a half ago, July 2017. At that time, Ava was on 4 neuropsychiatric drugs and had been seeing psychiatrists for more than 5 years for developmental and behavioral disorders. Her quality of life and her parents hope and joy for their child’s future had hit an all time low since they had adopted their joyful child years ago. Even though many different medication strategies were tried, there were still no answers for her parents as to WHY their beautiful 5 year old had slipped into such a horrible state of fear, anxiety, terror and panic! Her parents started to fear for their child and lose HOPE for her further. They began to cry out to GOD and HE orchestrated a bridge to Internal Balance. Watch this video to see how God’s glory through prayer, supernatural heavenly connections, and action can change the course of a child’s life. We pray that you find HOPE as you witness this powerful testimonial. 

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the LORD, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

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Autism Testimonials

Autism is skyrocketing…Why? Although the topic is controversial; it is time to step back and re-evaluate the real Riks. Autism was 1:10,000 at the end of the 70’s and is now 1:110 children and 1:67 boys; something just doesn’t add up.

Children on the Spectrum Autism, Asperger’s, PDD, ADHD and other Neurological Toxicity Conditions…

Addison (posted April 10, 2012)


I have never written a testimonial but only because I have never had reason to. The degree to which our family life has changed as a result of what Internal Balance has done for my daughter is remarkable. We can now actually live a family life.

Symptoms my daughter experienced prior to Internal Balance included: trouble with eating and drinking, all senses were affected to the degree that at times all light needed to be off with the blinds closed or water could not be turned on as the sound going through the pipes in our house was too loud for her. As a newborn and infant, the motion of the car was not soothing but caused a great deal of anxiety and screaming. My daughter didn’t learn to crawl as she had too much anxiety to explore in addition to not wanting her hands to touch the floor. When people (even people she was familiar with) entered the room she would cry or put her face really close to the floor or wall and stare. She had low muscle tone and would fatigue easily. She experienced night awakenings/disturbances frequently. The distention and bloating in her stomach caused her belly button to start sticking out. She was constipated. Referrals for specialists were coming faster than I could keep up with. Her pediatrician was concerned about her heart. Her physical therapist recommended a rheumatologist. The rheumatologist actually echoed heart concerns and made the referral to the pediatric cardiologist. I could go on and on with symptoms and behaviors that completely disrupted most basic family functions.

By the time my daughter was 10 months old we were already forced to avoid gluten, casein and soy in her diet. At 13 months old she was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Delay Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) by a pediatrician and another specialist offered a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder. She was starting speech, occupational and physical therapies each weekly. From that time forward, many protocols were tried and the detoxification process began. It was not until coming to Internal Balance that the most extraordinary healing took place.

My family was blessed to be guided to Internal Balance two years ago, just after my daughter’s third birthday. Tamara Mariea’s approach to detoxification and wellness far surpasses anything I have researched over the last 5 years in an effort to help my daughter. At the time we had already seen quite a few well-known protocols come through our lives in an effort to heal my daughter.

What I found at Internal Balance combined all of the detoxification processes I had come across in the most efficient, safe manner I have yet to see. In addition, Tamara is continually adding items to stay on the most effective side of the cutting edge. Tamara’s brilliance combined with her God given gift allow for even the most fragile of systems to heal safely.

The staff at Internal Balance includes knowledgeable and caring people who are genuinely concerned with seeing people heal and know what can be accomplished. It seems these days finding people that truly enjoy their work is increasingly more difficult. However, that is never the feeling you get at Internal Balance.

There are so many great features to Tamara’s processes that it would be difficult to choose my favorite. The synergistic yet gentle effect of what she does coupled with the act that I can get supplements as needed and not have a house full of unused half full supplement bottles is definitely at the top!

As a result of our time at Internal Balance, my daughter has experienced phenomenal healing. My daughter has now graduated from all therapies and is in the top percentile or above in all areas. She no longer qualifies for any diagnoses and our family as a unit is also healing as a result. My daughter no longer experiences the severe anxiety or sensory disturbances. My daughter will start Kindergarten and I won’t have to explain anything, which was hard to envision two years ago. There are no heart doctors or other specialists involved.

The road has not always been easy but with faith and Internal Balance, the walk became enjoyable again. I cannot stress enough my enthusiastic recommendation for Tamara Mariea and her staff at Internal Balance as the most effective and efficient way to improve life and promote true healing.

Mom to Addison



Caleb has made “supernatural” progress this year. He is 11 (12 in April). He is about 5’9” and is in a men’s 11 shoe. He is tall and lean and not at all our “little boy” anymore. This time last year I met a lady who had been studying the affects of electromagnetic radiation on the body. She sent me a journal article titled, “EMR and the Etiology of Autism”. I began to research further and contacted the article’s author, Tamara Mariea, Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology. She owns a detoxification clinic in the suburbs of Nashville, TN. I called her and had a phone consult in which she told me that everything she does in her clinic is for God’s glory and she involves Him in every aspect of what she does. She said that if that was offensive to me, then her clinic was not the place for us. Needless to say, that was a definite confirmation that we were headed in the right direction. In March, Caleb and I went to TN for a week to her clinic. He is on the special “VibroNutrients” which she formulates specific to each individual. The visit and following her protocol for Caleb has made the largest impact and produced more positive results than anything we have ever done. We see God healing Caleb and truly believe we have received a special promise of healing for Caleb. We see evidence of this daily. He is having a great year at school. He loves hanging out with his friends and having them over to play. He will begin Special Olympics basketball in January. Please join us in prayer for continued healing for Caleb and for special Christian friends for both Caleb and Charleston.


Dear Tamara,

Caleb continues to improve. I believe daily. He blew everyone away Sunday night at AWANA at our church. He did four sections, including reciting the Old Testament books of the Bible from Genesis to Song of Solomon. We have an IEP meeting next Monday to discuss goals for next year. My prayer is that even after we visit down and do this that we will have to meet again and modify it before implementing, because he is progressing at such a fast pace. 
We are so very thankful that God led us to you. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used by him. As Christians, we have assurance of our salvations and that we will be in heaven with our Father one day, but as I was explaining to my children this week, we will still stand before him and answer the question, “What did you do with what I gave you?” I feel certain you will hear him say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Thank you again for being responsive to the call place on your life, and in doing so, helping so many people. 
Have a wonderful week, God Bless you and your family-
Heather Tidwell
(Caleb’s Mom)

Michael and Mikala–Update


HI Tamara! Its been a long time since we talked and you helped with Michael and Mikala. Just wanted to say thank you for all you did for him. What you did changed his life forever. We jump started his system and now you would not believe your eyes. He is over 6 foot tall and wears a size 15 shoe. Thank you so much for all of your help and knowlege. Congrats on expanding from your studio and wish you all the best.

Thanks so much, Kim



Andie developed horrible, large, and painful mouth sores 1 ½ to 2 weeks after her booster shots required entering kindergarten. She ran a high temperature immediately following the shots, but to us the fever was normal for her and has happened with all of her shots. We were obviously very concerned about the sores and took her to a doctor immediately. They said that there was nothing they could do, it was a virus and would run its course. Shortly after developing the mouth sores, Andie began to develop uncontrollable tics. At its height she was having 250 tics per day; it was so painful to watch our daughter going through this. We contacted the doctor again and he referred us immediately to a Neurologist. Andie was diagnosed with Tourettes and was put on medication, Guvacin™ and Lexapro™, she is “5 years Old”! We were told that she would be on this type of medication the rest of her life. We watched our daughter’s tics disappear on the medication; however her mood began to scarily shift. She became increasingly irritable; more hyper, uncontrollable anxiety with heightened unexplainable fears. This became normal on the medication. Luckily this only went on for a few months before we found Tamara and Internal Balance. We were referred for detox by our family doctor, Dr. Daniel Kalb, MD. He knew that we were not happy with this sudden onset of symptoms that ultimately ended up as a genetic lifelong diagnosis of Tourettes. We wanted a different answer or at least someone that could investigate the circumstances of Andie’s unique case further and in greater detail.

After meeting with Tamara and having her in-clinic evaluation done of Andie, everything was adding up differently and making perfect sense. Looking back on all her earlier reactions to her scheduled vaccines and her life long struggle with sleep and night terrors, along with hyperactivity, Andie appeared to have had the final straw with her most recent booster shots. She was probably hyper and ADHD due to the earlier vaccines, we just didn’t put 2 and 2 together that way. 
Tamara told us that the mouth sores were activated Herpes virus from the Varicella and that Mercury was attached to Herpes Zoster in her nervous system. After doing some further vaccine safety investigation, we found her theory plausible. Andie had received all of her DTaP which apparently contained 125ug/dl mercury in them per dose and she received the Varicella (Zoster) vaccine at the same time with her updated boosters. Anyways, we decided to trust Tamara’s program and put Andie through 10 Full Detox sessions at the Internal Balance Clinic.

We will never regret quickly getting started with Tamara and feel tremendous gratitude that we found her and her clinic as soon as we did after Andie’s diagnosis. Tamara was very clear that she did not treat Andie’s diagnosed condition, but that she detoxified her brain and body so that Andie’s immune system could calm down and regulate itself again. That is exactly what happened and within only 7 sessions, Andie was off all her medication and symptom free. The neurological tics did not return. She began to calm down and by the end of the 10 session, her lifelong symptoms of night terrors and lack of sleep completely went away. We have been absolutely amazed! Our life has changed dramatically due to improved sleep. Andie’s life has changed dramatically because now she can concentrate and learn. We are so thankful and encourage anyone that notices weird symptoms upon vaccinating to not ignore them, but to get someone like Tamara involved to quickly diminish the adverse effects before the damage is to great.



Added: 2/24/2010

While visiting with the only local DAN doctor, Dr. Kalb, and having a comprehensive evaluation and lab work-up for our son Tristan, he suggested that we consider a comprehensive approach including detoxification at Internal Balance. Our Visit with Tamara at Internal Balance in July of 2008 was intriguing and triggered more interest in us to pursue these new and innovative detoxification strategies. We decided after hearing from Dr. Kalb, that Tristan had Pandas (strep related autism) we should incorporate detoxification with prescribed Antibiotic therapy.

Our first in clinic evaluation with Tamara was 7/29/2008, it was both enlightening and heartbreaking at the same time. Tristan’s immune system was seriously burdened not only with Strep, but with metals, and many other bio-toxin fungus, molds and bacteria’s. Tristan’s heavy metal toxicity levels evaluated by Tamara were consistent with the findings of Tristan’s Porphyrin testing done by Dr. Kalb. This was very interesting to me and gave me hope that there was a direction and plan for my son to improve with. Although we had no idea that Lyme disease could play a role in autism, Tamara educated us to this fact and sure enough Tristan tested energetically positive to Lyme disease. We had decided to confirm this with western blot blood tests through I-Genix per Tamara’s suggestions. Dr. Kalb ran these and it was positive…Amazing!

Tamara’s methodology of testing is so specific and provides so much direction. After Tamara’s evaluation I felt so overwhelmed, but hopeful that we were in the right place about to execute the right strategies for our son. We decided to embark on a 40 session program offered at Internal Balance. Our 1st of 40 sessions began on August 18th 2008. One of our biggest goals for Tristan was to change his gastrointestinal health. Tamara zeroed in on this and within one week his bowel movement changed and began to firm up, and constipation was relieved. Needless to say with each step and incremental success, I became more impressed with the Internal Balance detox process. Tamara’s approach is to follow the daily observation of her client’s physiological and biochemical detox. Each visit was evaluated and customized to meet and manage Tristan’s detox. She was very clear on a regular basis that the fruit of Tristan’s detox attempts may not be completely witnessed for several months after completing his sessions and that he would continue to improve well beyond our last session.

WOW…What I didn’t expect but know we were looking for was Tristan’s academics to improve Tristan began reading 90 days after completing his last detox session on 4/15/2009. This was a prediction Tamara made, but I couldn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. He is so much better now and our family is forever grateful for having a place like Internal Balance to take our son.




My name is Elizabeth and I have a child that received vaccinations here in the US. I believe these vaccines caused him to have significant speech delay along with diagnosed autistic behaviors. Even though a specialist did not actually diagnose him with autism, they all insisted on telling me how many things were wrong with him and how there was no hope for him. They indicated that he would eventually have to be put into an institution, that he would not potty train, read, color, or learn his number s, etc… Well, that was not expectable for me. While searching for other answers and ways to get Kevin better, a friend found Tamara Mariea and the Internal Balance website. I took a look at it and felt that Tamara and her clinic could help him.

We contacted Tamara, had a consultation and booked a 5 day Detox session. After just 5 days, I saw so much improvement in my son that I left Tampa and moved to Tennessee for an extended 3 month program. While in TN, Kevin’s body went through a lot. Tamara and her staff identified so many areas of toxicity in his body that needed to be cleaned up. At first we were frustrated and it was a hard and long program. While at the clinic we would be there for 4-8 hours at a time up to 3 days a week. The days between the treatments allowed Kevin’s body to let go of the toxins that Tamara identified, cleared and purged. It also allowed for time his body needed to heal and regenerate. We continue to come back to Internal Balance for follow up treatment and so Tamara can clean Kevin’s body of new and preexisting toxins.

I can see a huge difference in Kevin, and I do not think we would have had these results with anyone but Tamara Mariea and her Clinic. We have met many other parents while at Internal Balance and she has not only helped Kevin, but many other children with the same characteristics as Kevin. He is now more alert and assertive to what is going on around him, and responsive when talked to. He now sustains eye contact and is interacting and playful. Kevin can now recognize letters A-L, write his name, and number 1-20 on his own. He talks to me!! His speech has developed from 2 to 3 word sentences to full sentences.

He now sings and has fun and plays with other kids on the play ground!



Added: 10-23-08:

I was referred to Internal Balance from another family that had taken their child to see Tamara Mariea. After witnessing success of Samantha at Internal Balance and her improved health and cognitive skills, I was motivated to contact Internal Balance. On May 30, 2008 my daughter Esha and I went to visit Tamara for a consultation. I was very apprehensive as to if my 15 years old daughter, who had been sick for so long, would respond to Internal Balance and the Detoxification program. We decided to move forward and purchase a 40 session package. The first day in the clinic Tamara was able to identify toxins Aluminum and Mercury in Esha’s body. Tamara and her staff diligently worked with Esha to unburden her body and improve her hydration. We started to see small improvements with anxiety and hormonal fluctuations.

I then left for the first time and went to India. I finally had peace of mind that she would be fine with her therapist and friends. While I was gone Tamara created VibroNutrients that were specially formulated for Esha. She continued to Detox and after returning I have seen so many improvements with Esha. She now goes to the bathroom by herself! Her attention span has increased and she is now reading again. She is more energetic and responds to the small things. Instead of a blank stare, she now looks at us.

We are now on session 14 and we are continuously grateful to have found Tamara Mariea and her clinic, Internal Balance. I look forward to seeing the end result and all the improvements Esha will make.



Added: 8-25-08:

Cole is our first child so we had no “normal” to measure his progress. He met most milestones (sitting, babbling, pointing, walking) right on time, but had been slower in language area (started saying ‘dada’ sounds as early at 1 year but didn’t start really saying words until closer to 2). My sister didn’t say a single word until she was 2 and she is perfectly fine so we didn’t worry. We taught him a little sign language which he used often (mostly the sign for “more”).

Early on Cole was fascinated with spinning objects and lights. He had a spinning toy (small table with spinner in the middle of it) that he would place all kinds of objects on and watch them spin for hours. As he got older he lessened the time he spends with that toy (his own choice) and stopped spinning objects on the floor as well. We took the toy away once we knew what was going on. I would estimate as early as 14 -16 months he began flapping his arms whenever he was happy. He liked to line up objects (apples, bars of soap, paperclips). Another fascination is with sliding doors. He could watch them for hours if we let him.

Cole had never had any stomach/digestion problems (obvious ones to us at least). Never thrown up and never had diarrhea. Never has had an ear infection, never taken antibiotics, and rarely caught a cold (maybe once or twice a year at most).

We had always noticed his vocabulary was less than other boys his age. But we first were alerted that something was seriously wrong when we watched Jenny McCarthy’s interview about her son. We saw the similar traits that Cole and her son shared, although Cole had none of the medical problems (like seizers) that her son had. We read her book and decided to pursue bio-medical treatment. We put Cole on the GFCF diet in November 2007. Within two days we saw a reduction in tantrums. He was speaking 115 words (at age 2.8 years) on the day we started the diet. Within 2 months he had added more than 50 words to his vocabulary.

We went to our local Children’s Hospital to get an official diagnosis (basically just to be eligible for social services). They told us, to our faces, that alternative treatments were a waste of our “resources.”

We found Internal Balance by doing web searches and reading articles on EMF. We took Cole for his first week of treatment in January 2008. He responded very well to the detoxification sessions. We live outside of Tennessee, so our program consisted of five days with follow up visits every three months.

I would describe his recovery as a “fog lifting.” Grandma noticed right away (after not seeing Cole for 10 days) that he had already improved. He had doubled his word count within 2 months.

We went for our second week of treatment in May. He continues to improve by leaps and bounds. He is now 3.4 years old and his list of accomplishments include:

  • Word count is probably 500-800 words (I can’t keep track anymore)
  • Speaks in 4-9 word sentences consistently
  • Follows directions well
  • Huge increase in pointing (almost none before)
  • Almost never has tantrums, a simple time-out usually does the trick
  • Initiates play with other children on the playground
  • Increase in imaginary play (absolutely none before)
  • Started special pre-school at 3.0 years and has had great ‘report cards’

We look forward to our next treatments with Internal Balance to continue our upward climb!



Added: 7-21-08:

Our 12-year old son, Ryan, was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at the age of two. He is high-functioning and does well academically in school. Like most children in the spectrum, he has difficulty socializing and often has behavioral issues at school and home due to his misinterpretation of other people and the outside world.

This past fall, we found a local DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) doctor, began his protocol of supplements, and had some tests run. One of the tests indicated high levels of mercury. As a mother, I was very upset by this information as it seemed quite possible that he got the mercury from the vaccines. But after a day or so I realized I had to put my anger aside and work in the solution. The DAN! doctor told me about Internal Balance and an “angel” reminded me of them, so I called immediately and got an appointment.

Tamara and her staff are very professional and personable. They truly care about their clients. Before we signed on, my biggest concern was that Ryan would not be able to make it through one session no less 40. But Tamara assured me that he would be fine and he has been. He does a lot of reading and relaxing while there. He is sometimes not thrilled about the supplements Tamara gives him, but she takes the time to explain why they are necessary in terms he can understand and he takes them.

This week we got back test results that indicate Ryan no longer has high levels of mercury and we are thrilled! We are so grateful to Tamara and her staff. Even though getting the mercury out of his system was my goal, they have helped strengthen his whole body from the inside out. He is much healthier, is eating a wider range of food, and has gained weight. He is now slim, not skinny.

We have seen significant changes in him since December. He hardly watches television anymore (it is not good for you he tells me). It was his New Year’s resolution to read more and watch television less!

In general, he is much more aware. He is much more productive getting his homework done and not staring off into space for an hour or two. Ryan has always struggled with writing and putting thoughts on paper and we have seen significant improvements over the last several months. His is much more aware of our dog and people’s feelings. He gets along better with the neighborhood kids.

We highly recommend Internal Balance and are grateful to them for their help. They truly care about their clients and we are so blessed to have found them.

Lisa Dennison

April 2008



Kyle’s Progress over 1 month

9-27-07: 1st visit to the Internal Balance Clinic

10-8-07: Kyle is doing well overall: he seems very happy and singing and expressing himself all the time. He is very verbal at school and his reading is continuously improving. I have heard him talking to his imaginary friend on the phone (play acting which a child with autism is not supposed to do: I can’t wait for him to continue to defy the odds). Thanks again for your healing ministry and I will continue to pray for the world to discover what God is doing through you. Warmest Regards, Michelle Gibson

10-10-07: It’s awesome to finally see Hg coming out of Kyle! You should get the fecals in a day or two as the sample was sent a few days after the hair sample. Kyle’s teachers are reporting that they are getting a lot more spontaneous speech from him and socialization with his typical peers. Since we lowered the dosage of the VibroNutrients™, he isn’t wetting the bed. He is almost through the box of Hepatitis drops so we need to get some more ordered and we will also need the raw VibroNutrients™ soon as well. I’m very encouraged by some early signs of progress in Kyle. Thanks again Tamara for your diligence and I’m betting that Kyle will be your poster child (I’m walking by faith). Have a great evening. – Michelle

10-23-07: Kyle’s reports from school over the last 4 weeks since he has returned from the initial visit to Internal Balance™ Inc have been excellent. His improvement and consistency of speech and use of full sentences has been observed in the last 4 weeks. Kyle is also interacting better with his peers (he is swimming and playing soccer this fall) and clearly understands that he needs to get down to eye level with children that are smaller than he is. Kyle continues to evolve cognitively as well as manifested in his improved reading skills. He recognized certain words for the first time during the last month. We are encouraged by his progress and appreciate the opportunity to naturally chelate Kyle’s body of toxins. Best Regards, Michelle Gibson



We would like to share our experience at Internal Balance with our four year old son Aidan, who lives with autism. Our story begins like so many others. Aidan was a typically developing child until he was almost two. His development seemed to stall at that time and then regress. He began to lose speech, fine and gross motor skills, and his social skills took a huge decline. This was especially hard to witness because he had been such a social and engaging toddler. His behavior got worse and worse. Our once chubby and energetic toddler became very thin and lethargic. He developed gut issues he never had. He became restless and had frequent night terrors. Basically, Aidan physically and mentally deteriorated. We first sought help through speech and occupational therapies and ABA programs. No noteworthy gains were made until we tried the GFCF diet, which began our journey to learn about biomedical approaches. In January 2007 we visited a DAN doctor and first learned about Aidan’s heavy metal load. We tried IV chelation (which was traumatic) and DMSA suppositories. Aidan made slight gains but then showed a big regression which canceled out any gains. He lost his potty training ability and became aggressive. We made a parental “gut” decision to stop going chelation approach, but we did not know where we were going to turn to next. We prayed for an answer.

We were fortunate to meet another mother who brought her son to Tamara Mariea who had great success, she recommended we start with a phone conference. An answer to our prayers. From the very first conversation Tamara was able to make connections that the other practitioners failed to see. The picture of Aidan started to become a little clearer. We were impressed by her extensive knowledge and intrigued by her approaches. We were especially comforted by the fact that she looked at how removing toxins effected his other organ systems. We learned that Aidan’s liver was being overloaded by his previous chelation, contributing to the regression we saw. In sum we were comforted by Tamara’s holistic approach and we decided to take a trip from Florida to Tennessee for the five day observation session that is offered at Internal Balance, her operating clinic. It was the best decision we could have made.

Tamara and her wonderful staff were so caring, empathetic, attentive and thorough. Tamara immediately made us feel right at home. Tamara’s extensive knowledge of the body’s entire detoxification systems enabled her to achieve amazing results for Aidan. At the start of the week we were very unsettled to learn the full extent of Aidan’s heavy metal burden, especially his mercury levels. We were beyond thrilled that during the course of his treatments, his body began to let go of large amounts of mercury!! We could not believe this happened in the course of one week. Tamara also focused on viral load and nutrition. Viral load was previously overlooked by other practitioners and we learned it is such an important part of the puzzle. And, Aidan was in such need of good nutritional support.

Aidan literally began to show improvements that week. He said so many new words that we lost count. He began putting sentences together. On the last day he gave everyone hi-fives and spontaneously said “I love you”. What could be better than that? In the week following our visit we continued to see dramatic improvements. Aidan’s grandparents, teachers and therapists all remarked on them as well. “We see marked improvement in his eye contact and speech” and, “We are also thrilled to see Aidan’s apraxia improved greatly”. We have become so used to cutting his food into small pieces for him and were astounded that for the first time ever he was able to bite and chew a whole bagel on his own.
We were also astounded to see such fast improvements in his gut issues. The week following our visit he began to have regular bowel movements for the first time in two years. His appetite has increased and he looks like he’s going through a growth spurt.

We cannot say enough good things about Tamara Mariea and the Internal Balance approach. Her staff is amazing and I would recommend their approach to anyone, especially a new family, beginning this horrible journey. Aidan had some difficult moments and everyone was always so patient and caring. A week later at home Aidan is asking for everyone he met at Internal Balance. We are so confident in Tamara’s abilities and so happy with the results we have seen that we have decided to move to Tennessee so we may continue treatment on a more regular basis. We look forward to continuing the journey. Thank you thank you thank you!

Joanna and Christopher Lombardi (August 2007)


autism autism

My name is Trina Troutt. My children were both diagnosed with autism at the age of three. Zachary is now nine years old, and Justin is six years old.

He answered my prayers and we were led to Tamara Mariea at Internal Balance Inc. I was immediately impressed with her astounding knowledge of autism. I was equally impressed with the fact that she understands that each child is different (even brothers with the same diagnosis) and treats them according to their own unique needs.They began treatment with D.A.N. (Defeat Autism Now) practitioners. After three years, the progress we made was very slow. This discouraged me, and I began asking God to show me how to help them recover. There had to be more that I could do, and I was not giving up. I know that with God ALL things are possible.

We began Detoxifying the boys at Internal Balance in May 2006. It has been a year now and what we have seen has been truly amazing! Our children have made more progress in three months than they did in three years with previous practitioners. They are both so much healthier. Zachary, due to severe apraxia has not been able to chew his food for nine (9) years, let alone speak words, he is finally chewing and eating as if he had been starving his entire life. He is thriving and growing like a weed. Everyone comments on how he is filling out and looks so healthy now. Both boys are now saying words, phrases, and occasionally even a small sentence her and there. They are much more engaged with other children. I have teachers and even speech therapists calling me commenting on how well they are doing. They are paying more attention to their schoolwork, and are now able to learn and progress in their academics. Their report cards that just came home last week confirm that this treatment is working!

Justin & Zachary with Tamara

I feel so thankful, grateful, and blessed to have been led to Internal Balance, Inc. I trust Tamara completely, and am confident that my children are receiving the VERY BEST to help them recover from this horrible disorder known as autism. We will continue on with the journey, anticipating a more and more improvement and hopefully a full recovery for both our boys. I am reminded of the words of Jesus when he said, “I have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.” To all those afflicted children and their affected families, our hearts, minds and souls are in prayer for you everyday!

– Mr. and Mrs. Paul Troutt

Dear Tamara,


It’s hard to believe that it has already been one year since we started down this path to help Mark’s autism. When Mark was first diagnosed with autism we were not sure where to turn. As we stared learning about autism we felt there had to be more than just learning techniques, and there had to be some other interventions we could try. Then we met you. It was all very over whelming at first, but now, seeing the results; we are convinced we are on the right path.

Within one week of starting Mark on the gluten and casein free diet, he started making more eye contact. As we continued with the nutritional supplements and the far infrared sauna, Mark started using sentences, using his imagination during play, singing, verbalize his feelings, etc.

He has recently starting initiating play with other children and is more interactive with his younger brother.

Three months after working with you we saw Mark’s teacher from last year, she commented how Mark seemed much more alert and focused. His current schoolteacher has been very please with his progress this year.

The far infrared sauna has been a blessing for the entire family. It has helped bring Mark’s metal levels down, and helps us recover quickly from illnesses. When we begin to develop colds, we just spend time in the sauna. We have found that it makes us feel better sooner and the cold symptoms less severe. Twice, our youngest son has had a fever, and spent a 10-minute session in the sauna. Both times, he woke up the next morning fever free. The whole family made it through this past bad flu season with only slight colds.

We know will still have a ways to go, but we are very thankful for the progress we have made. As this year has gone by, we have seen Mark’s development improve greatly. It is particularly wonderful to see this since Mark’s development had stagnated for the two previous years.

Thank you for all you have done. We look forward to continue to work with you and seeing Mark continue to improve.


Renée & Michael Downie

Leslie and Simeon Thomas


The Spring of 2002 was a time that we will never forget. From January through May, we watched our beautiful, bright, and happy little boy slip away from us. At first, he stopped talking. Then, he stopped looking at us and stopped responding to his name. He would screech and flap his hands and spend hours just looking out the window. A friend of a friend has a son with autism, and we immediately suspected that Noah had it, too. We took him to so many doctors, but no one would give us an answer. They all said that he was too young to be diagnosed with autism…. That boys mature later than girls… That Einstein didn’t talk until he was three. Everyone wanted us to just wait and come back in a year. But we knew that Noah had autism and that we had to something immediately.

Like most parents of newly diagnosed kids, we got on the internet and learned everything we could about autism treatment. By the time Noah was 19 months old, we had started an in-home ABA program and restricted gluten, dairy, and soy from his diet. These things provided some immediate benefit, but the effects didn’t seem to last. So, we spent hours and hours – between 2 and 3 hours a night learning and researching and trying to find a way to help Noah. We tried everything we came across: ABA, GF/CF diet, secretin, vitamin therapy, speech, occupational, and physical therapies, sensory therapies, enzyme therapy, Food Rotation, the SCD diet, glutathione, chelation (including IV-EDTA and TD-DMPS). If we read that something helped another child, we tried it. And while some things seemed to help temporarily, he always seemed to regress after a few weeks.

We were at our wits end. We were broke both financially and emotionally. We were so sure of ourselves in the beginning. We started everything when Noah was just a year and a half old… we were certain that with all the time and effort and research that we put into it that he would recover by the time he was two. But two came, and then three, and then as he started to approach four we began to panic. We had spent the last year chelating Noah with TD-DMPS and he kept continuing to regress. He lost everything that he had learned through ABA. He was shrieking and screeching up to 15 hours a day. He was withdrawn and unhappy. He was making no progress whatsoever. We really felt that something was wrong… we felt that the chelator was pulling metals but that they were getting stuck in his body. But no one had heard of this before, and we didn’t know anyone whose child had had the same reaction as Noah. In the meantime, Noah’s school had tested him and revealed that our three-year old son was at a developmental level of newborn – 6 months.

On the spur of the moment, I decided to attend the Autism One conference with a friend last May (2005). Some other parents recommended that we go and hear Tamara Mariea speak… that she seemed to have some luck with “tough nut” kids. In the middle of her talk, she mentioned that some children have trouble detoxing because they have blockages in their emunctory pathways. I didn’t even know what that was, but it sounded like it might be what Noah had. I was so impressed with Tamara. After her speech, she sat and answered questions from parents for a good two hours. She gave us her undivided attention, and we were all amazed at how smart she was. It blew us away. That evening, I called my husband and said that we had to set up an appointment with Tamara. Even though we were both burned out and weary of getting our hopes up again, we agreed that we owed it to Noah to at least give it one more chance.

Our first phone consultation with Tamara was amazing. The information she provided just astounded us. She gave us a step by step protocol of what we needed to be doing. She went over all of our test results with us and told us what supplements Noah needed to be on. Her intuition just floored us. I mean, we had all these tests with all of these results and we had no idea what to do with them. She just took one look and knew immediately what each thing meant. It felt so good to be able to pass on the responsibility of Noah’s care to someone who knew so much. For so long, we had been in charge and it was like the blind leading the blind. I can’t even begin to tell you how relieved we were to find someone that we could trust with Noah’s treatments.

Tamara gave us a list of things to do for Noah. We started BRT (Body Restoration Technique) and CST (Cranial Sacral Therapy) and we saw immediate improvements with Noah’s behavior. However, the best investment we made was going to see Tamara in TN so that she could observe Noah in person. That was the key in Noah’s improvement, and the one thing that I would recommend to all parents who have a child with autism. Our visit in October 2005 completely overwhelmed us. We had to give Noah all sorts of supplements and do testing and we did things that I’d never heard of.. like QRS and Ionic Foot Baths. We received instruction on the Blood Type diet and we had hands-on training in macrobiotic cooking. We learned about natural health and living and how our daily lifestyle affected Noah’s toxic load. We also learned through testing that Noah was not able to handle the chelator that he had been on (TD-DMPS) and that it had accumulated in his right kidney. It was stuck… just as we’d suspected all along. Finally… some validation! We left after our first visit completely overwhelmed, but hopeful for Noah’s future. It was the first time in a long time that we allowed ourselves to feel hope. And it felt good!

Over the next few months, we had ups and downs with Noah’s behavior as we tried to adhere to the protocol and not go back to how things were before we visited Tamara. We booked another visit with Tamara so that we could make sure we were doing things correctly, and we continued our phone consultations to get more advice while we waited for our second observation.

We visited Tamara for the second time in February of 2006, and everyone was amazed at the changes in Noah. His posture was better. His eye contact had improved. He seemed happy, and best of all, in four months he went from 0 –6 months developmentally to almost 15 months developmentally. It was a huge accomplishment for us. Most noticeably; however, was how Noah’s body had started to detox naturally and on its own. His metals tests revealed that mercury was elevated and coming out of his stools… for the first time ever! We had finally hit mercury (and it was elevated) and it happened without a prescription chelator. Noah also had arsenic coming out of his skin. His poor little body was so burdened with metals that it was coming out any way that it could. Twice, Noah had been to a pediatric dermatologist who said it was eczema and gave us a prescription. It just got worse and worse. Within 24 hours of being at Tamara’s, we did new testing and had a new diagnosis: it was arsenic and it was coming out in his skin, hair, stool, and urine. Tamara suggested specific ointments to use and for the first time in 3 months, his lesions started to heal.

We are so pleased with Tamara and the staff at Internal Balance that we have already scheduled a third observation. We have learned more in the last six months… and Noah has improved more in the last six months.. than he had in the previous two and a half years. Tamara is so up to date on autism and nutrition and biochemistry. She uses a total body approach and realizes that autism affects each child differently, which is why an individualized approach is crucial in facilitating recovery.

We are so excited with the direction that Noah is taking. Within days of our last visit, Noah started feeding himself with a spoon. He started doing basic gross motor imitations. He looks at his little brother and is starting to copy some of the things he does. His coordination has improved. His happiness has improved. But the best thing that could have ever happened… the one thing I’ve prayed about since he stopped talking at 15 months old finally happened…. Noah called me ‘mama’. He looked right into my eyes and called me ‘mama’.

Thank you, Tamara! I believe with all my heart that God led us to you. I am so thankful that we found you, and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

Eleanor and Armand Evangelista


Let me begin by saying just how hesitant I personally was, to start the process of detoxification of our 6 year old ASD son, Paul. I thought of “detox” similar to chelation – a harsh, physically ravaging process that could potentially endanger Paul more than help him. Now throw in my New York City cynical attitude that some woman in Tennessee will assist in ridding my son of his negative issues, and you get the gist of how I felt getting on that airplane in October, 2005.

My husband, Armand, is basically the “R and D” department of our family. He will read study after study, and go online for hours looking into ways to help Paul; there are many unconventional methods that most of the people around us cannot understand. We have done quite a lot (and continue to do so) to try and bring back the happy, easygoing child we saw change, first at 12 months old (he received his 1st MMR and stopped speaking, but still remained bright and friendly) and then again at 36 months old (2nd MMR, where he became withdrawn and highly anxious). He remained a loving and generally happy child, but also an increasingly anxiety ridden, anti-social little boy.

So, in October, 2005, after weeks of Armand’s research, we headed off to Tennessee to meet Tamara Mariea and to spend three days learning what needed to be done. Paul hit it off immediately with Tamara and her staff especially “Ford Windstar Lisa”. He has always been quite compliant, possibly putting up a little fight for a minute or so and then just giving in to whatever “cocktail”, healthy meal, or therapy Tamara had in store for him. It was an intense 3 days; he would be so exhausted by 8:00 p.m., we could barely keep him awake.

Tamara is so knowledgeable yet explains everything in such a basic way, we felt like we were partners with her in this endeavor immediately upon our arrival. We had met with a very well known doctor in the field who said straight out: “I need to know you are on board and just believe in what I am doing”! The only question we were allowed to ask was “who do we make the check out to”! Meeting with Tamara was nothing like that at all. If anything, we were asking TOO MANY questions, and getting answers to all of them without being spoken down to or made to feel like it wasn’t our right to know what the plan was for our child.

When we returned home, Paul started immediately making gains. The week we came back, my parents, who see him almost every day, started noticing that he was more alert, speaking spontaneously and with more emotion. He became more affectionate with his two year old brother, Anthony, feeding him bites of his meal or just kissing him for no reason at all, no prompting whatsoever. In the following weeks, school faculty, his speech therapist and his OT all made comments, as well.

He started to have attachments to certain children in his class, his eye contact is phenomenal and he started to tell us things that went on in his day without pulling teeth! We clearly saw the changes but seeing concrete evidence such as urine, fecal and hair analysis is what really hooked us. Almost immediately after starting Tamara’s protocol of supplements, diet and various detox therapies, we started to see Paul excreting metals, everything from arsenic, lead, bismuth, and finally, small amounts of mercury. Now over 4 months later, the progression has continued with more metal excretion, most noticeably, more mercury being released!

We had a wonderful Christmas party with over 50 family members that Paul was actually looking forward to; he was asking uncles their names (he never cared before!) and playing with cousins that he never seemed to even notice before. He almost “just knew” that he still needed to have a little time to himself, but after watching a video in another room for 20 minutes, he rejoined the party, sat on Santa’s lap each time his name was called for a gift and when he received a “Toy Story” DVD, he yelled out “Papa, look! I got Toy Story!” He ran over and showed Armand excitedly, then proceeded to show it to his aunts, uncles and grandparents. My husband and I started to cry.

Although the diet is tough, he has been a trooper. The fact remains though that Paul, along with most kids his age was not the best eater, so this healthy adjustment was inevitable. I got cooking lessons and advice in Tennessee and it really hasn’t been difficult at all. (Thank God for pancakes!) Tamara even covered ways of aiding Paul when cheating occurs; certain enzymes help out when he insists on real cheese on his rice crust pizza! I also feel a little like a mad scientist when I am opening capsules of supplements into his applesauce or using droppers when mixing his cocktails! I quickly remind myself that it is helping him and that Tamara knows her stuff. She gives us advice on all his health issues now, not just autism.

When Paul had strep, Tamara recommended following up with probiotics afterwards. She really seems to cover every base with everything she suggests. Her main focus is support. Tamara insists we support Paul with nutritional supplements, protein rich foods etc, etc. to offset any negatives or bodily stress and to allow the body to heal itself. I will admit, when leaving Tennessee after a sit down where we started listing everything we would be doing, I broke down in her office. She joined in my tears (sorry, Tamara!) and promised me we would not be hurting him, only helping him and that his safety was her priority.

She, along with her husband and her two beautiful daughters, has had an incredible effect on our family; she is our angel, there to answer any question we have. Her family was so gracious and supportive and cheered Paul on every minute they saw him. They are truly people of substance that have sacrificed to help families like ours. We plan on returning this summer.

Just a final note or two regarding Paul’s progress, we met with his teacher and principal to discuss next year; not only are we being given the option of mainstreaming him, but it was stated that his progress this year has been “monumental”. Paul’s speech therapist of 4 ½ years, just told us that she does not think he needs her anymore because of all the progress he has made. And finally, on a social note, he is really looking forward to his birthday party in April and to “everybody” being here to celebrate it with him. How huge is that!

Paul still has a ways to go but the gains that we have seen since our visit to Tennessee are astounding. We honestly thank God that Tamara has come into our lives; we truly know we are getting our son back.

Testimonial for Michael from his Mother, Kimberly

autism autism

autism autism

Michael has been overweight since birth. His doctor said, “If you could try to keep him from gaining weight he will grow into it.” I tried this and it was impossible. I cut back on his calories and he still gained. I didn’t know what to do; he was becoming more and more over weight. Michael was tired all the time, had a very low stamina and a speech problem for which he received therapy. Children were starting to tease him and I felt so bad because I didn’t know how to help my child. I prayed many times for God to give me wisdom and I believe he did. I began searching for a nutritionist hoping they could tell me what he should eat.

I then found Internal Balance Inc. via the internet. Tamara ordered several special metabolic tests for Michael and discovered he had food intolerances and sensitivities to egg, wheat, milk and peanuts. He was eating all of these foods daily. We have followed her suggested detoxification and nutritional protocol and wow in only 4 months he has received tremendous results. He has lost 10 lbs. and even more important he is sharper mentally, full of energy and his speech problem has improved dramatically.

Sincerely,I pray that other over weight children will receive the same help as Michael. I am very grateful to God and Tamara Mariea for Internal Balance Inc.

Michael’s Mother Kimberly

Dear Tamara,

I want to express my thanks for the help you have given me through the last year. I truly believe God puts you in the places you need to be. It was the beginning of hope when you met Anna and explained some of the reasons why she was having difficulty with a lot of health issues. The test, and plans for getting Anna healthier started and I saw her improve within a short amount of time.

Helping Anna also allowed me to gain valuable information on helping Adam as well with his asthma. Then, after being introduced to RNA this summer, you shared this amazing product with me, which has made a significant impact on both my kids’ health. I feel very fortunate that you were at the forefront of this advanced treatment.

I wish you much more success in helping all of the many children who are so sick in today’s polluted world. The thought of metals in children was once foreign to me, but has now become such a horrifying reality to me. My hope is that you will continue to reach those in need as you reached out to me.

God Bless,

Susan Reny.

autism autism

When I brought my son to Tamara, in Sept. 2004, his state of health was a wreck! It had been 2.5 years since his diagnosis of autism, and in spite of my best efforts in the kitchen to provide him the cleanest diet possible, and the efforts of several DAN practitioners, he was still suffering from malabsorption and a severe case of eczema. After not gaining ANY weight in 2 years, within one month he started to gain. Also, the eczema that kept him miserable, completely vanished! The alkaline water system Tamara recommended, we started right away, and this is what got Jake’s body on the right track for healing. At the same time we started the ORS therapy and the FIR sauna. The QRS has definitely made Jake much calmer, and the gentle detox that the FIR sauna provides is what Jake needs.


Tamara has given me first rate education on multiple chemical sensitivites and gentle detox alternatives. I know that Jake has the best of care and attention with Tamara managing his detox. She really “investigates” your child. And that is what we all need – not the cookie cutter approach. I have asked her questions that I’m sure she’s been asked many times before, and she will often reply “OK – let’s think about this for a minute”. That, to me, is music to my ears – because I know I will not get a canned reply but a thoughtful, unique one that is appropriate to Jake’s individual biochemistry.

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on how Aidan is doing since our visit to TN. He has had an amazing week! He is very happy to be home, and was tired from the detox circuit. However, I feel he has Had one of his best weeks ever. He is clearer and more talkative than EVER. His language is more original, very purposeful, creative, and APPROPRIATE. He really seems to have turned a corner in TN. He seems like a new kid! I know you can only do so much in 5 days with a child, but I am extremely pleased with how well he is doing. I feel we paced the circuit appropriately for him, and he is doing awesome. He is much calmer and more agreeable now that he is home. Still Aidan, but a kinder, gentler, slower version:) Please share with the prayer group how well he is doing (and thank them for us).

Thank you for all you do for our kids with ASD. It is such a rough journey back for them. Your guidance means so much and helps make the return easier to navigate. Thanks again for sharing your home, knowledge, and faith with us.

Julie & Aidan Mathews



This is my testimonial regarding my experience with Tamara and Marci at Internal Balance. Since my son Alex, 4 ASD, starting receiving care with Tamara his has improved rather dramatically in a short period of time. Tamara was able to identify some problem areas that our DAN! doctor missed and within a couple of weeks using RNA and several other recommendations by Tamara, Alex was using more words, generally attempting to communicate a lot more, following directions and making perfect eye contact. He has begun talking around others, something he has NEVER done.

We have received comments from his school, neighbors, family, and friends. Everyone has noticed the difference. The sauna protocol we have received from Internal Balance is equally been a huge asset to Alex’s recovery and to the benefit of our whole family, as we all are using the sauna. I feel we are under the best care available regarding detox and sauna therapy. Tamara’s knowledge regarding supplements is extensive and unsurpassed! She has extensive knowledge, from her constant research no doubt, of the best quality supplements that are most bioavailable to these biomedically sick ASD children. In addition, I have found Marci to be very pleasant to work with. She is very efficient and I have never had to wait long to have questions answered by either Marci or Tamara. I recommend the services that Internal Balance has to offer children on the autism spectrum. We are thoroughly enjoying the benefits of our sauna protocol and supplementation recommendations. My husband and I both feel this has been well worth our resources.

Sincerely and gratefully,

Pamela Rozanc, mom of 3 boys

Miss Jessica Kemper

autism autism

Jessica came to us in February 2002. She was severely overweight and her mother feared that her child would be sentenced to a lifetime of obesity. She was told by her daughter’s pediatrician to maintain her present weight and Jessica would grow into her body weight. As hard as her mother tried to prevent it, Jessica continued to gain weight very rapidly. Jessica also exhibited a very melancholy personality with delayed developmental characteristics including slowed speech and poor coordination. She was also plagued with repeated illnesses which required continuous antibiotic usage. Her stomach was a constant nagging complaint and she experienced diarrhea daily.

After performing a comprehensive laboratory analysis to assess Jessica’s biochemical and metabolic state, we implemented a dietary program accompanied by specific detoxification and a supportive nutritional supplement protocol. Jessica was allergic to wheat and dairy products, had heavy metal toxicities, metabolic and detoxification blockages and severe nutrient deficiencies. Jessica was an example of the typical unhealthy, overfed and undernourished American child.

Jessica began with us weighing ninety-eight pounds at six years old. After one and one-half years she now weighs eighty-five pounds and has grown two and one-half inches. She is no longer plagued with stomach aches, urinary tract infections, ear infections, diarrhea, or any other menacing ailment. Jessica is much more active, socially interactive and her attention span has improved significantly. Jessica is one of many of our success stories here at Internal Balance Inc. Her mother, Karen, has been a wonderful support system for Jessica and has really taken the initiative to support Jessica’s new lifestyle program. We are proud to know Karen as one of the most concerned and motivated parents we have yet to meet. Here are a few of her words explaining the changes she sees in her daughter.

“I am so happy that Jessica has lost weight and is not going to become a diabetic at such a young age. It is so nice that she is not constantly sick anymore, as a matter of fact, she hasn’t seen a medical doctor, for any illness, in over a year and a half. Jessica seems much happier, more energetic and more confident with herself. I really believe she has a healthy future ahead of her now, as opposed to the direction she was heading in before we found Tamara Mariea and Internal Balance Inc.” Mrs. Karen Kemper (Jessica’s mother


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