Detoxification Testimonials

Cindy Hurwitz’s Story

In 1998, a beautiful new fitness center was being built in our community of Kingwood, TX. I am an Exercise Physiologist and fitness was my passion. I applied to the facility in the construction trailer office and was hired to be the head of their Personal Training Department, and Education. Nutrition was very important to me and I knew I could provide the clients with the physical aspects. I was praying for a person who was extremely knowledgeable in the nutrition aspect to join our team. One sunny day, the owner, Kyle, told me that he had met a very intelligent nutritionist. He asked me to sit in on the interview process with them. To my delight, a beautiful, confident woman arrived. As our conversation progressed, she exceeded my expectations, with her deep understanding of nutrition, her poise, and her heart space and communication skills. In ten minutes, I knew that Tamara Mariea was THE person who would perfectly complement the team that our program needed and our clients deserved.

We were both beginning our wellness careers in a new city and we each had two little children. It was a great environment to offer a winning combination of fitness/nutrition and health and wellness to the clients that the facility catered to. We loved hosting seminars to educate our trusting clients, as well as branching out in the community to educate other groups. Our team was working very well together.
Tamara had a vision beyond the fitness facility. She also put a home office into place.

One morning, I went to her home to plan our upcoming events and she revealed to me that she had had a dream of the perfect name for her business, ” Internal Balance”.

She had the basic logo on a sketchpad. We began to experiment with the colors to be incorporated into the logo. She knew it had to be just right. Tamara is always extremely detail oriented and she has a mind like a steel trap. She absorbs and retains information like a sponge. Her drive to provide health and to learn every detail about her clients was admirable.

In 2002, Tamara had become ill. You can read about it in her bio, but this illness necessitated a move out of the state of TX and for her to pursue her own healing path through detoxification, clinical biochemistry and nutrition.

Fast forward 20 years……

I left Houston, Texas in 2016 because medical doctors advised me that I would not survive more than five months in my current toxic environment. I moved to Colorado Springs where my health drastically improved.
March 6, 2020, I became very ill one morning. We were just beginning to learn about Covid-19.
I went to see my primary care physician and he tested me for the flu. It was negative. He told me to isolate for 7 days and if I was not better, he advised me to seek help. There was no Covid-19 test available at that time. Prior to this illness, I had been walking 32-40 miles per week with my dogs for the past 5 years and feeling like myself again. It took about 3 weeks for me to have the strength to return to my normal activity level. The next 49 weeks, I felt good and kept up my activities.

On March 6, 2021, I received the Johnson and Johnson Covid 19 vaccine and within 20 minutes my hamstrings began cramping. I felt as though the flu was coming on very quickly and by the time I got home, I had to go straight to bed. I remained in bed feeling just like I had one year prior, to the day.

The reaction from the vaccine caused damage to the bottom 1/3 of my lungs. They were unable to absorb O2 and my blood pressure shot up and became very high, some mornings 165/110. I also developed two nodules on my thyroid and was unable to walk up one flight of stairs without lying down. For the next two years I saw 3 cardiologists, 2 pulmonologist, an endocrinologist and my primary care provider all multiple times. None of them could provide answers or solutions to the way my body was reacting to the vaccine. I was unable to walk a mile until May. Then for the next year and a half, one mile was the max that I could walk and then I would have to rest for an hour. I tried 4 blood pressure medications and none could control my pinball hypertension.

In February of 2023, I reached out to Tamara Mariea of Internal Balance, Inc. We initiated a long distance custom protocol and I began to regain some control over the hypertension almost immediately. I was also able to increase my activity level shortly after starting it.
In May I went to the clinic for 2 weeks and received very beneficial treatments. Tamara evaluated me on the cellular level and designed my therapy based on my DNA. At the end of the two week period I went home feeling 85% better than I had felt since deciding to take the vaccine.

I continued to send in the monthly samples of my DNA. Based on my progress, she would update and design a new protocol through her method of testing. I came back for a second visit in September 2023.
This program has truly given me my life back.

Please do not give up on your situation without trying this genius biochemical nutrition and detox program that Tamara Mariea, PhD,CNN has created. She is truly a gifted healer! God has led her on this divine path to help people and she has restored my energy, faith and family through this!

This was me in 1998 upon meeting Tamara.
This is what I looked like prior to leaving Houston in 2016 and what I dealt with after receiving the vaccine.
2023 with my husband, John

Nicole Smith, the wife of Jason Smith and daughter of Baptist Pastor, Larry Duncan came to Internal Balance Inc. on February 2nd 2015 after battling complicated and devastating health issues for 24 years. She was nervous about trusting anyone when she arrived. She was already experiencing signs of neurological damage from documented and diagnosed chronic Lyme Disease. She had left her funeral songs with her family before leaving her home to come to the clinic. She was regularly experiencing seizures, which left her in bed for weeks only to recover enough to get around in a wheeled scooter with somedays strong enough to use a walker with limited function-ability. She had raised 2 sons while pushing through these horrible episodes with debilitating fatigue symptoms from bed while resting and being still for much of their lives. Her symptoms were episodic but an all consuming rollercoaster the entire 24 years previous to starting at Internal Balance. When I first saw her condition I was quite concerned! However, God gave me peace that he was present from the 1st day I met her. He told me in my spirit “take very good care of her and that she was very special to him!” He also told me to prepare her heart and to tell her my story of How and where Jesus healed me on July 11th 2012, when he decided to introduced me to his mother Mary! This was a profound moment and a life-altering healing for me as a non-Catholic. So I did what HE told me to do; on February 2nd 2015 I told Nicole my story of how Jesus said to me “Honor MY Mother!” When my heart surrendered to that command, every cell in my body also surrendered to loving her and honoring her. I was healed that instant of the residual effects of my neurological pesticide poisoning that I had suffered through for the previous 10 years, which also included episodic seizures. Jesus comes to tell us and to show us whatever secrets to the Kingdom of Heaven HE decides we need to know and defies religious prejudices and errors in our doctrine to do so. Truth and complete truth is HIS truth not our translation.

Nicole came back to the clinic the next day and said to me, “Well Tamara, as far as I see it, you were obedient to Jesus’s WORD and command in doing whatever HE told you to do! This is what Mary said to the servants at the wedding of Cana and so you, his servant, did what HE told you to do!” Wow she got it and that acknowledgment of the Holy Spirit speaking through me laid the seed in her heart for how Jesus would choose to heal her in Room 4, 4 months later on May, 14th 2015.

Fast forwarding 4 months, May 11-14th 2015, Nicole returned to the clinic for support through her first 120 day daughter cell turn over since starting her detoxification program at the clinic back in February. Even though Nicole had made significant progress over the first 4 months, she showed up on the 11th as if she had not even begun the program. On May 13th I became VERY worried and considered calling EMS to take her to the hospital, but then the peace that surpasses all understanding and the presence of heaven came over me so strongly. God allowed me to feel heaven’s presence and told me on May 13th to WASH! her feet with the Holy Water that I had just brought bacK from the “Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help” in green Bay, WI where I was healed and had just been back there to participate in a 21 mile walk “A Walk to Mary”. Before this I had NEVER had Holy Water in the clinic before that trip and I had NEVER washed anyone’s feet before that day. These steps in my walk by faith and obedience was significant in HOW and WHERE Jesus chose to heal Nicole. That night I stayed at the clinic and cried out to GOD to protect her with His Holy Angels and I ask for the “Energetic Signature of the Blood of Christ” to be placed all over the floors of the clinic for her healing and protection. When I got up from my prayer I said, “LORD, I feel your presence, can I please see your presence, just a silhouette would suffice!” He then said to me, “ II Corinthians 5:7 Tamara, go there!” WOW!!! A direct answer through the WORD, I quickly went there and read: “for we walk by faith, not by sight”; Oh! wow, I had just walked 21 miles by faith for the water that I washed her feet with. This was a critical teaching for me in her miraculous healing at my clinic.

The next day, the 14th of May 2015, she appeared even worse than before I washed her feet, but the Lord kept saying to me “Do you trust ME, Tamara?” All of us, including her sister were once again very concerned for her, but, there was that peace and presence of heaven that was palpable in the clinic again.! Wow! did Jesus surprise us all with HOW he Chose to Heal her and WHO he brought with Him from Heaven into the clinic and into Room 4! Please watch Nicole’s video testimonial so that you can be blessed by this miraculous story of supernatural and complete healing since that day 4 years ago!

Ava is about to be 11 years old! Happy Birthday, Ava! Her parents brought Ava to Internal Balance Inc. a year and a half ago, July 2017. At that time, Ava was on 4 neuropsychiatric drugs and had been seeing psychiatrists for more than 5 years for developmental and behavioral disorders. Her quality of life and her parents hope and joy for their child’s future had hit an all time low since they had adopted their joyful child years ago. Even though many different medication strategies were tried, there were still no answers for her parents as to WHY their beautiful 5 year old had slipped into such a horrible state of fear, anxiety, terror and panic! Her parents started to fear for their child and lose HOPE for her further. They began to cry out to GOD and HE orchestrated a bridge to Internal Balance. Watch this video to see how God’s glory through prayer, supernatural heavenly connections, and action can change the course of a child’s life. We pray that you find HOPE as you witness this powerful testimonial. 

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the LORD, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

To read more about medication consequences and prescription options go to the following link

Meaghan Ward’s Story

We were desperate in January of this year (2011). In November 2010, we had taken our daughter, Meaghan, to see a doctor for the multi-chemical sensitivities she was having trouble with. As a result of that visit, she just got worse to the point of lying on the couch most days feeling very lethargic. It was her senior year and it broke our hearts watching her feel so bad and not knowing what to do about it.

Our on-line church did a fast for the month of January, so I decided I would fast asking God what He wanted us to do. During that time a friend of a friend told us about Internal Balance. We decided to pray about it and see how God led. In July, Meaghan came for her first visit. She was very scared, and we we’re all skeptical because of the number of doctors we had been to before.

Meaghan is now on her third visit, and we have a completely different daughter. Her energy level is up, an she recently went into a pizza shop without getting sick afterwards. For her, that is huge, because she has been home bound for the last five years. She is not completely better, but we truly believe with time she will get the life back that was taken from her. God is good! We give the praise and the thanks to Him and to Tamara for how she is allowing God to use her as His hand of healing.

David, Paige, & Meaghan Ward

Naomi Judd, author of Naomi’s Breakthrough Guide

When I think of the word “DETOX”; Do I envision an unstable celebrity on a detox rehab for drugs and alcohol, someone fasting for health or religious purposes or WHAT?   The OR WHAT, may be what you don’t know that may be killing you.   The truth is “DETOX” is a necessary method for ridding the body of poisons that have built up over a lifetime.  These toxins could be making you ill, tired, moody or keeping you from progressing in treatment for diseases.  My husband, Larry has been detoxed by Tamara Mariea, PhD, CCN and her staff at Internal Balance over the last year and a half.  We requested an evaluation for toxicities due to some strange and sudden onset of epileptic seizures.  Dr. Tamara, the “Detox Diva” detected high levels of tobacco remnants in his system (he had worked tobacco fields as a youth), she detected diesel and other petrochemical solvents (as an entertainer he has been on many tour buses all powered by diesel fuel for the last 40 years), pesticides (he mows our farmland) and much, more that we just never thought could contribute to his condition.  Dr. Tamara’s testing and evaluations were uncannily accurate and quite impressive.  Dr. Tamara designed a specific and individualized program for Larry, which included many different types of modalities and clinical interventions. The first time I met Dr. Tamara I warned her, that I was here to “check her out”, this now thoroughly complete, Larry and I feel confident with Dr. Tamara, her unique skill and detox programs along with her excellent and warm staff.  Not only has my husband improved tremendously, but I am now an enthusiastic client as well.  “Dr. Tamara Mariea, the Diva of Detox is a brilliant healer!”


Laura’s Chronic Fatigue Story

It was by chance that I came across Internal Balance. I was searching for a therapy called Ionithermie and found the internet website for the clinic. My friend was intrigued with the site, and we decided to call for information. Little did I know, I was about to discover the answers underlying my lifelong fatigue, which I have had on and off since I was in 5th grade. I was thirty-three years old when I found Internal Balance. When I came to the clinic, I was at a place of desperation, needing someone to help me find answers. My body felt as though it was saying, “Enough, I can’t do this anymore!” I felt like my organs were shutting down and my body was running out of steam. I was severely exhausted ALL the time. I am a single mom and was desperately afraid of losing my children, if it were discovered how little energy I had to give them. I was literally just surviving, just getting by, and every day seemed torturous to get through. I would do nothing more than get up with the kids, get them ready and to school, come home, and go back to bed for six hours. I then would wake up, deal with their needs for a couple hours after school, get them fed ,and then count the minutes until they went to sleep so that I could fall back into bed. I must have been laying horizontal in bed most days up to sixteen to eighteen hours and never felt rested.   

After fifteen months of intense physiological detoxification at Internal Balance, I can truly say I got my life back. I am so grateful for this process and for Tamara who has uniquely balanced me through her detail and care for my unique situation. I am grateful for her staff, who not only have been trained to execute the therapies Tamara has designed and trained them to use, but for their caring nature that she has coached them to have as they are dealing with fed up, tired, and sometimes impatient clients. Colleen, Becca, April and Becky, the nursing staff, and Tiffany have been an inspiration and family to me these last fifteen months. They saw me at my worst (crying and hopeless at times) and have coached me to hang in there and believe this too shall pass: a better plateau is around the corner. I can say today that I am feeling better than I have in all of my adult life. Looking back, I can say that I have pushed through life with exhaustion that my athletic peers did not have. I still was a very successful All Ohio Athlete but required a lot more sleep and recovery time than my friends. In my teens, I became interested in nutrition. I wanted to learn how to help my body perform better. Although it seemed that I was eating healthy and drinking plenty of water, I could never shake the feeling that I was pulling a freight train just to get through the day and all my athletic requirements. None the less, I did it. I pushed through. It wasn’t until after a series of MAJOR stressors and marital problems while in my twenties and early thirties that my body finally began to run completely out of gas. Awfully young don’t you think?

I am so glad that I took a chance on Tamara and the Internal Balance path to ridding my body of burdens that I didn’t even know existed. I am so glad that I stuck it out and pushed through with the same tenacity required to be a collegiate athlete. What a blessing that I had that kind of attitude to get through the toughest race of my life. The race I desperately needed to win and cross the finish line to regaining my health and restoring my body’s ability to produce energy.   What a gift that only God could have provided, and he did it through Tamara and her staff. I had a tremendous amount of confidence in alternative approaches to healthcare and had fortunately been involved in Shaklee, a nutrition company that provided me support allowing me to get through some of the tougher moments of my life. However, the supplements were simply providing the juice that I could no longer make myself from my healthy diet. Tamara got to the core of my fatigue. Over 15 months, she rooted out the toxins, the enemies, and the lies that were stored in my cells and my tissues. Somewhere deep in my core, I knew this was not my design; my design was to be a top notch athlete with the energy to thrive. My design was to be an amazing mother that would have endless energy to give my children. I was not destined for a life filled with regrets, guilt, hopeless fatigue, and lethargy. I know and believe that I was a God-given miracle, and he was going to restore me.

My body required a lot of  toxin unlayering.  I discovered that my body was burdened with EBV (Epstein Barr-Virus), active glandular fever, parasites in my lymph system, mercury, CMV (cytomegalovirus), Lyme bacteria, aluminium, allergies to my own calcium, vitamin D, and hormones. The initial discovery of EBV made sense, and as I read, I realized this is common in CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). I devoted myself to the process and worked through the first 90 to 120 day unlayering process with enormous fatigue, pain, and uncertainty. After dealing with EBV and CFS for 3 month, Lyme was unlayered. This discovery put a lot of answers together for me. Lyme was the cause of all the neurological symptoms and brain fog that I was experiencing.  I persevered through this and after four and a half months of dealing with Lyme detox, the BIGGY virus presented itself: CMV. This came as a huge disappointment after seven and a half months of incessant detox. I was feeling slightly better by this point and gradually saw improvements that gave me continued confidence. However, I still had a tiredness that was to debilitating to hold a job. This was discouraging to say the least, but I had come so far and just could not see giving up on this process. I had so many answers to questions that had been nagging me about myself all these years. Mentally, I was engaged. Intellectually, I was connecting the dots and understanding the process better. It all made sense, so I pressed on into the CMV detox. Soon after starting the CMV detox, I started to experience more good days than bad days. Now, after seven months of dealing with CMV and all it was attached to, I FEEL GREAT! I can live now and not just survive. I now have the energy to throw birthday parties for my girls, and I am exercising again. I had the energy to go on vacation and help out at school. I feel that I could start to work again. I couldn’t fathom any of these tasks before detox. This is just crazy. After all, I am only thirty-four years old, and these are the simple tasks of life. Simply taking a shower fifteen months ago was too much work for me. Now, getting ready for my day is a delight.

I have so much confidence in Tamara Mariea and her program here at Internal Balance. I started bringing my girls in to see Tamara for detox. They have exhibited some of the fatigue symptoms that I experienced and at much too young an age. We are gently moving through the detox process with them, and I see the benefits in their little bodies too. At five and eight years old they were simply too tired and achy. We are all healthier now.  
It is simply remarkable to me that our bodies are so burdened in this generation. This process reveals so much of what is wrong with our society. It has been amazing and fascinating to watch my body purge and clean itself out. I’m now rebuilding and repairing my cellular health and rebuilding my strength and endurance. Now at thirty-four years old, I once again have a hope for my future and a zest for life. I will be forever grateful! Tamara graciously gives the glory and the gratitude to our creator Jesus Christ, and I give him my gratitude everyday for my healing. However, I am also grateful to him for blessing her with the knowledge and wisdom to put such a program together for people to come get help for conditions that seem to have no answers and no solutions. This has been an amazing journey and a blessing.

I  was referred to Internal Balance by a friend and originally the referral was for my father. After hearing what Tamara and her staff could possibly do for my father and how toxicities may be playing a role in his failing health and neurological condition, I decided to make an appointment for myself. My original goal was to determine whether or not my constant feeling of being overwhelmed and imbalanced had anything to do with toxicities and whether or not I was heading down the same ill health path as my father.

I quickly realized after my In-clinic evaluation, that Tamara could pinpoint things in my past that I didn’t even realize were an issue and continuing to bother me. It appeared that my use of anti-malaria medications while I was in another country, along with scars from accidents, and other toxins that I have accumulated over my years were all potential problems for me. One of her largest and most impressive observations was my severe radiofrequency sensitivity, causing neurological dehydration. No wonder I feel so tired while on my cell phone. Tamara recommended Citicoline and made my initial VibroNutrients recipe after this 1st visit and amazing changes took place in a very short period of time. She also recommended additional visits that would specifically allow her to target these toxicities, through her energetic Detox program.

After just 3 visits my body and emotions had completely changed. For the first time in 20 years I am now able to smell again. I use to get only 4-6 hours of sleep nightly which was interrupted by multiple waking moments throughout the night. Now I am staying up later, getting more done and sleeping soundly through the night. A large scar due to a terrible motorcycling accident causing constant pain during weather changes has completely changed. I almost feel ZERO changes and no pain. My eczema on my hands greatly improved if not close to disappeared. I am no longer stressed or angry, I feel more internal calmness than I have ever in my life, as a matter of fact my energy has shifted so dramatically that I don’t even know what to do with myself. All of this happened in just a short amount of time with a minor amount of what Tamara calls energetic Detox, VibroNutrients, and some homeopathic remedies that she recommended.

Thanks to Tamara and her staff, I have a different picture of what my future health can look like, different than my father’s!

Mr. Rick Spugnardi

Wanda’s Story

Let me just begin by saying that I am so thankful that I found Internal Balance.

For the past 30 years I have been on antibiotics at least once a month and sometimes more.  It all started with a really bad case of the flu. It took me a very long time to get over it and from then on I was sick all the time.  The best way I could describe it was by calling it a sinus infection.  My glands felt swollen, my tonsils felt swollen, my throat hurt, my head felt like it was stuffed with cotton, my energy was zero.   Yet, when doctors did a scan of my sinuses, they found nothing.  Antibiotics did help, but as soon as the prescription ran out, I could feel the symptoms coming back.  When it would get so bad that I could barely function, I had to call the doctor for more antibiotics (which was 
at least once a month and sometimes more often).  When one doctor would no longer prescribe antibiotics, I would change doctors.  Then for the last two years, I began having side effects from the antibiotics. I didn’t know which was worse, the side effects or the illness.  Also, I began having very bad cancre sores in my mouth.  My right eye became painful and blood vessels would burst in it at least twice a month.  I went to doctors for both of these things and they said “some people just have this, we don’t know what causing them.”  I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia  twenty-two years ago.

After just two sessions at Internal Balance, I could tell a difference in the way I felt.
In the past three months, I have not had a ‘sinus infection’, nor had to call for antibiotics.  My energy has increased.  The cancre sores have diminished.  The blood vessels in my eye are no longer bursting.  My eye no longer hurts.  I have energy now.  I enjoy life again.

Susan’s Story

When I came to Internal Balance my chief complaints were mental and physical fatigue and an overall sluggishness. For 15 years, I had struggled with finding a way back to that feel-good-all-over state. While I am still working toward a higher sense of overall wellness, I also know I have come a very long way.
There was a time I would wake up and be ready to go back to bed. Now, I wake up before sunrise, and I am ready to take on the day. Previously, I had to make lists and reminders and place them everywhere because I could not otherwise complete daily tasks. A lot of people have the problem of walking into a room and forgetting what it was they were going to do. I had a severe case of forgetfulness that included an inability to complete a sentence. A lot of people my age and younger said it was a part of the aging process. In my work, it is critical that I be able to communicate, not only for my clients, but for my own well being. The feeling of vulnerability that accompanied the forgetfulness was debilitating and paralyzing. I’m not exactly sure when I noticed its disappearance, but that awful feeling that I felt before starting a sentence as to whether I could complete it or not has vanished.   
Two or three months into the Detox and after taking VibroNutrients, I had my hair trimmed. The woman who had worked with my hair for years kept pulling and tugging my hair. Finally she looked at me and said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but your hair is really healthy.” Friends who did not know what I was doing began commenting that I looked better and used words like “radiant, vibrant, alive, and sparkling” to describe me.   
Now, I get up looking forward to a three mile trek and working out. That would have been unheard of prior to this experience. The detox went further than I expected. It wasn’t just physical but emotional as well. For the first time in a very long time, I feel sane and steady. I no longer experienced depression or anxiety like before. Hope is real and a part of my daily regimen.   
Detox and VibroNutrients have carried me to some unexpected places. Work, people, and things that sucked the life out of me are gone. I found the strength to rid myself of them and turn to my dreams. One dream of writing children’s books is in process of becoming a reality. My imagination has returned, and I look for it even more. I sold a house that in ten years was never a home. I left a job that was oppressive in every way.   
I wish I could give this gift to all my friends.

SEEKING INTERNAL BALANCE for “MCS” Multiple Chemical Sensitivities:

Several years ago, a friend of mine who had witnessed me getting sicker and sicker over many years gifted me with a phone consultation with Tamara Mariea of Internal Balance Inc.; this dear friend knew of the incredible work of Tamara Mariea and her Internal Balance clinic. Prior to this phone call, I had tried every modality of treatment I knew of, yet I was still bedridden with fatigue and chemical sensitivities for days at a time on and off for years. Tamara and I spoke for well over an hour on the first phone call, and I felt very touched, inspired, and hopeful by how Tamara spoke of her own recovery from multiple chemical sensitivities due to her pesticide poisoning. Tamara’s confidence was contagious, and she really instilled the hope I needed to believe that I could get better too. 

I decided to work with Tamara long distance so that she could prepare me to eventually travel cross country from Arizona to Tennessee where Internal Balance was located. It seemed crazy that I was going from the alternative-medicine mecca of the Southwest to Middle Tennessee for detoxification and clinical nutrition intervention, but now I look back and know that it was one of the most important decisions of my life. For months, she recommended rotating targeted nutritional supports, testing specifically with hair samples and saliva samples. She was brilliantly precise! I soon began to look forward to arriving at Tamara’s studio for three weeks of treatment. I was going to be her first on-site “live-in” client; I was so excited! Once I met her, my conclusions of her during our previous interactions over the phone were confirmed; she was as clever, warm, and high spirited as can be. 

Tamara set me up in a beautiful 100 percent organic room, hired an excellent macrobiotic chef, and took care of all my needs for three weeks straight. In addition to all her extraordinary detoxification equipment in which she sequenced perfectly for me, she played wonderful music, laughed with me and at me, prayed with me, and even lovingly installed an outdoor swing because I had mentioned in our phone conversations my fond memories as a child enjoying sitting on a swing. I really can say that my stay as well as being treated by Tamara Mariea at Internal Balance changed my life for the better. 

The program she designed for my detox and on-going recovery while at Internal Balance was thorough, highly professional, and extremely effective. I loved the gentle, kind, healing care while at Internal Balance’s beautiful facilities. 

It is 2010, and I first started working with Tamara in 2004. I’m still feeling 99 percent better than prior to Tamara’s interventions and care. I continue to heal and stay on a modified recovery program from Internal Balance. I continue to stay in contact with Tamara because I love and appreciate her warm spirit and care factor. This testimonial is long over do, and I feel it is very important that people hear from more of Tamara’s clients so that they too can feel confident in something that is bizarrely misunderstood and different in the way of healing modalities.

I’m very grateful for Tamara’s vast knowledge, which seems to have expanded every time we talk. Tamara has a unique commitment to her service to people, and her application of her work is meticulous and thoughtful, not haphazard and uncertain. She is CONFIDENT with what she is doing and the proof is in her client’s outcomes. 
Thank you Tamara and thank you Internal Balance Inc. I love my life again! 

Your favorite first Internal Balance “live-in” client
Lorraine Inzalaco

 Andie’s Story

 Andie developed horrible, large, and painful mouth sores one and a half to two weeks after her booster shots required before entering kindergarten. She ran a high temperature immediately following the shots. To us, the fever was normal for her and has happened with all of her shots. We were obviously very concerned about the sores and took her to a doctor immediately. They said that there was nothing they could do because it was a virus and would run its course. Shortly after developing the mouth sores, Andie began to develop uncontrollable tics. At its height, she was having 250 tics per day; it was so painful to watch our daughter going through this. We contacted the doctor again and he referred us immediately to a Neurologist. Andie was diagnosed with Tourettes and was put on the medications Guvacin™ and Lexapro™. She is five years old! We were told that she would be on this type of medication the rest of her life. We watched our daughter’s tics disappear on the medication; however her mood began to scarily shift. She became increasingly irritable, more hyper, and displayed uncontrollable anxiety with heightened unexplainable fears. This became normal on the medication. Luckily, this only went on for a few months before we found Tamara and Internal Balance. Our family doctor, Dr. Daniel Kalb, MD, referred us to Tamara for detox. He knew that we were not happy with this sudden onset of symptoms that ultimately ended with a genetic lifelong diagnosis of Tourettes. We wanted a different answer or at least someone who could investigate the circumstances of Andie’s unique case further and in greater detail.

After meeting with Tamara and having her in-clinic evaluation done of Andie, everything was adding up differently and making perfect sense. Looking back on all her earlier reactions to her scheduled vaccines and her life long struggle with sleep and night terrors, along with hyperactivity, Andie appeared to have had the final straw with her most recent booster shots. She was probably hyper and ADHD because of the earlier vaccines. We just didn’t put two and two together that way. 

Tamara told us that the mouth sores were activated Herpes virus from the Varicella vaccination and that Mercury was attached to Herpes Zoster in her nervous system. After doing some further vaccine safety investigation, we found her theory plausible. Andie had received all of her DTaP, which apparently contained 125 ug/dl mercury in them per dose, and she received the Varicella (Zoster) vaccine at the same time with her updated boosters. Anyway, we decided to trust Tamara’s program and put Andie through ten Full Detox sessions at the Internal Balance Clinic.
We will never regret quickly getting started with Tamara and feel tremendous gratitude that we found her and her clinic as soon as we did after Andie’s diagnosis. Tamara was very clear that she did not treat Andie’s diagnosed condition, but that she detoxified her brain and body so that Andie’s immune system could calm down and regulate itself again. That is exactly what happened and within only seven sessions, Andie was off all her medication and symptom free. The neurological tics did not return. She began to calm down and by the end of the ten sessions, her lifelong symptoms of night terrors and lack of sleep completely went away. We have been absolutely amazed! Our life has changed dramatically because of improved sleep. Andie’s life has changed dramatically because she can now concentrate and learn. We are so thankful and encourage anyone that notices weird symptoms after vaccinations to not ignore them but to get someone like Tamara involved to quickly diminish the adverse effects before the damage is too great.


When I first walked into the Internal Balance Clinic, I was a very sick person. I weighed 70lbs. I had been utterly exhausted, with no relief, for years. I had pain all over my body (particularly my back and neck). I was having tics, shakes and seizures. My heart wasn’t right. It felt weak in my chest. I had heart palpitations and horrible parasympathetic nervous system reactions to go with it. I was pretty much bed or house bound. My emotions were out of control; I cried all the time. I had daily, hourly, panic attacks. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t remember simple things or keep track of any thought patterns. I felt like I was dying. I was barely able to take care of myself, let alone my two children.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fibromyalgia years before. I had symptoms for 20 years, brought on by a bad case of mononucleosis followed by a surgery removing an ovary and fallopian tube. I never recovered after surgery at 20 years old, I am now.

At the time, I was dancing with a professional ballet company and also taking college classes. I knew myself as an athlete, incredibly strong with endless energy, so the sudden and complete fall into constant pain and fatigue was devastating.

Twenty years ago CFIDS and Fibromyalgia was barely heard of, with little suggestions for care. I was at a loss. I researched for years, trying this and that, keeping my pains and fatigue to myself. Although the illness completely changed every aspect of my life, I was still able to hold a career and manage my symptoms…until about 5 years ago. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The stress of my mother’s death, along with a full career and motherhood was too much. My body crashed. Complete exhaustion. I became bed ridden and house bound.

I was receiving weekly acupuncture, taking supplements and medication, eating a healthy diet….doing all I could, but it was never enough. The stress of living with all my symptoms and the inability to work yet having high medical cost… aggravated my symptoms! With the onset of my new, unpleasant symptoms mentioned above, I knew soon I wouldn’t be able to raise my children. My symptoms were distressing to them. My 12 year old choose to live with her father. My 3 year old went across country to spend time with her grandparents. My dog went to live with a friend. I was utterly heart-broken.

I asked my friends to help me. They didn’t understand my illness, but finally recognized the devastation this syndrome had on my life. They raised the money for me to fly across country to go to the Internal Balance Clinic. I heard about the clinic through a friend. It sounded right for me and the price was so reasonable considering what I would be receiving. I couldn’t wait! By the time I got there I felt like I was at death’s door. I flew out immediately. My friends were literally raising money for me as I was at the clinic! The clinic was so helpful! They were so moved and inspired by my communities coming together to help me….the fund-raising letter ended up reaching over 800 people! I was so shocked! I received daily emails of caring and support. People I didn’t even know, from all over the country donated! One woman, (I didn’t know), called in and donated $500!! The support was phenomenal!

The staff, at Internal Balance, made me feel at ease right away. They were all so incredibly caring and friendly. Just receiving that level of care was healing!

Tamara found Lyme’s disease (something that had come back negative on blood test but positive energetically in previous evaluations), as well as Epstein Barr virus (something I knew I had for years). Both Lyme’s and Epstein Barr were extreme, but Lyme’s was the priority. As soon as I started taking the remedies and cocktails for Lyme’s along with my custom VibroNutrients I noticed the difference immediately. I was shocked. I had no idea Lyme’s had over taken so much of my body! No wonder I was so ill! My brain was dehydrated and oxygen deprived. I did not have enough lipids in my brain to think, let alone detox the Lymes. I received almost daily injections of lipid IV’s for my brain…that was critical for me and gave me instant relief. With each dose I felt better. I would literally be in the middle of a panic attack, then the nurse would give me an injection and I would immediately calm down. Tamara would give me nutrient cocktails for my brain that did wonders. I stopped crying. I actually felt happy again. The panic attacks subsided. Something I hadn’t felt in years! And it lasted!

Next, the Lyme’s started detoxifying out of my body. That took awhile, but Tamara is so skilled in detox and easing or mitigating the detox symptoms. I was impressed. I never stayed in an uncomfortable detox state for too long.

Two visits to TN, 3 months, and 3 ½ weeks (total) of intense Internal Balance Clinic care later, I was doing handstands, in our living room, with my children! Something I haven’t been able to do in 20 years!

I never expected to recover to this extent this fast. I had resigned myself to a life as a disabled person. All I was hoping for was to stop the seizures, spasms, panic attacks and heart problems…but I received so much more! It is 5 months later and every day I make improvements…I never miss a dose of VibroNutrients! I have hope again!

I can fully raise my children now. Take them swimming, go to parks, and do handstands! In about a year, I am planning to open my own dance studio again. That was out of the question before!

My name is Tammy Gingles. At 2:30 am on November 19, I was awakened by a couple of sharp pains in my chest. I wondered if I was having a heart attack. I kept rubbing the spots and telling myself I was not having a heart attack. I felt a rush of warmth on my upper torso and felt terrible. I never did get back to a sound sleep. That morning when I got up to go to work, I felt weak, shaky, and I was hungry constantly. I had various other symptoms including a dry cough, burning in my stomach that spread upwards into my neck, couldn’t sleep longer than 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours, heart rate was going up to 118, weight loss over the next few days and fatigue.

I went to a walk-in-clinic November 20th and had them check out my heart. Everything looked great. According to them my EKG and chest x-ray were good and my cardiac enzymes were better than normal. The next few days I kept thinking, “Tomorrow I’ll feel better”. That didn’t happen! I continued feeling worse. I went back to the walk-in-clinic and they did more blood work. I was told that I was borderline anemic. The next day, I went to a walk-in-clinic in another town. I got there at 7:45 am and left at 5:00 pm. They did more blood work, an ultrasound, hida scan, and cat scan. My common bile duct was dilated so they thought I had passed a gallstone since they couldn’t find a stone and my gallbladder was working 90%. The results of the doctors blood work showed I had Epstein-Barr Virus (mono), possibly reactivated from having it in college. They gave me a steroid shot for the fatigue and told me the virus would just have to run its course.

I had talked to both of my husband’s sisters and they suggested I see Tamara at Internal Balance. One of them had been to her and said she wouldn’t recommend anyone else. My first visit with Tamara was December 18th. At this time my symptoms were the same as they have been for the past 3 weeks. Tamara explained to me what her program would do in great detail. She is very knowledgeable about how the body, organs and cells work together. After the first visit to her clinic I felt better! I had missed Thanksgiving with my family but, thanks to Tamara I didn’t have to miss Christmas too. After 2-3 weeks I was sleeping better because of the special Melatonin she suggested, and within 5 weeks I no longer had to use it. She put me on a detox coarse to rid my body of the Epstein – Barr virus and h-pylori

The great thing about Tamara’s detox program is you never feel drugged, and there are no harmful side effects. Thanks to the VibroNutrient’s that she customizes for each individual and her detoxification therapies I feel I’m definitely on the right track toward healing and cleansing my body- hopefully even better than before my sickness started.

Thanks Tamara!


Tammy Gingles

I came to Internal Balance several months ago looking for someone to help me with the joint pain that dominated my life. I was so tired I could barely get through the day. All I wanted to do was sleep. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with two autoimmune system diseases.

Since coming to Internal Balance my energy level is up and I have a sense of well-being and peace that I didn’t have before. Tamara has me on a program which includes VibroNutrients formulated just for my issues and needs.

It is definitely moving me in the right direction. I now come 2-3 times per month for an in clinic detoxification. I can’t wait to experience the end result! My goal was to allow my body to heal itself instead of “putting a bandage” on my symptoms.

Thank you Tamara for the hope you have given me!

Donna Hornburger


Dear Tamara,

I wanted to write you this letter to thank you for the great experience we had at your clinic. I must admit, I had been a natural skeptic on most cutting edge technology, especially in the area of homeopathy, and have always defaulted to traditional allopathic medical doctors, even though I felt they had failed miserably in treating the general wellness issues I had been having with hip, joint, and back pain, and overall chronic inflation. I had gotten to the point where it wasn’t worth it even trying to play golf, knowing how I would feel afterwards. However, the combination of your knowledge and your willingness to educate me, point me to websites, etc… where I could do my own research on the science and technology behind your therapies made for an exciting and educational trip for our family. More importantly, we saw some startling and totally unexpected results.

As you know, my son had been diagnosed with both dyslexia and dysgraphia, and the Monday following our visit to the clinic we took him to his routine tutoring session for his dyslexia program. We received a phone call that night from his tutor, asking us what had “gotten into” Seth, as she had no knowledge of what we had done the week before while we were out of town. She said his attentiveness, his reading skills, and his entire countenance had changed somehow, and just wondered what we had “given” him. We have continued his detox and homeopathic wellness program as prescribed, and have seen tremendous improvement in his scholastic abilities and overall attitude.

As you know, having purchased a Quadrasonic Resonance System (QRS pad), we are all sleeping better, and I am now a true believer in the incredible affects electronic medicine can have in helping the human body heal itself. As you said, God gave us everything we need for our bodies to heal themselves, if we can just rid ourselves of all the toxins that prevent it from doing so. I have seen relief in my hip for the first time in years, I am playing golf again without the associated pain, and I feel much better all the way around.

I also want to thank you for educating us as to the detrimental affects of dirty power and electromagnetic radiation in our home. After we tested our house, it was off the charts with both, and have since remedied the situation with the technology you introduced to us.

I know we are a poor test case from a specific cause and affect standpoint, because we have embraced a combination of several different types of technology, detoxification, and homeopathic therapies, and cannot point to any one as having been more beneficial than another, but I can attest to this: the overall effect has been unbelievable for our family wellness. While my skepticism is not entirely cured (I doubt that can ever happen entirely), I just wanted to thank you again for the education, insight, and great care you gave my family–your entire staff was awesome!



Joel, Alisa, Halle, and Seth Staib
(added 02/19/2008)

My experience at Internal Balance Clinic has been a huge blessing. When we began working with Tamara, my daughter, Sierra, was heavily medicated for insomnia, and for a seizure disorder. She was struggling to recover from a serious viral brain injury 4 years early. We had worked with numerous doctors and practitioners and were traveling out of the state for treatments with diminishing results. I often thought there was a lack of time devoted to her case, particularly when it came to addressing problems and the side effects from medication. I was also disappointed with their lack of knowledge about the brain, and it’s pathway to healing.

When I consulted with Tamara, I immediately was impressed with her experience, and with the results she was having with other clients. I knew she had knowledge and wisdom beyond anyone else I had worked with before. I sensed that things would be different at her clinic, and I was correct. Tamara began by launching an “investigation” into Sierra’s history and treatments thus far. She administered an individualized nutritional plan, and guided us through her clinical protocol. Answers to long awaited questions began to arise, and I quickly saw results from our efforts. Within the first month, Sierra showed improvements. Elimination of side effects, and breakthroughs in behavior occurred one after another. As we proceeded, she no longer needed medication for seizures or sleep. Sierra’s once “hard to control” seizure disorder became totally manageable, and her insomnia was corrected with natural supplementation. We are no longer in crisis management, and are able to live life day to day without fearing another episode or hospitalization. Tamara has taught me about the healing process, and cellular repair, so I see things differently now, and am able to be patient as Sierra’s body shows us what it needs next.

This is not an overnight fix, but rather a consistent effort to discover the direction Sierra’s body wants to go to heal itself. Sierra is a stronger, healthier child today because of the health promoting protocols Tamara has implemented. She smiles daily, gives eye contact, responds to directives, and is more aware of her surroundings. All of her therapists agree that she has improved since we started with Internal Balance Clinic. I am encouraged and completely trusting of Tamara’s advice and practices, and I look forward to working with her as we continue to celebrate each and every breakthrough.

Kyle Nelson
Sierra’s MOM
(added 11/02/2007)

We started working with Tamara when my son had just turned two and had been diagnosed with autism. He had been able to excrete mercury on his own, and Tamara made sure that his pathways of detoxification did not shut down. While working with her he continued to excrete heavy metals at a higher rate than he did previously. We took him off DMPS when we started seeing Tamara and that was a great decision, he was able to excrete without it and we felt Tamara’s method was much safer. I also learned a lot about nutrition and diet through Tamara as well as the environmental sensitivites that go along with autism. By really becoming aware of chemical sensitivites, EMF exposure, pesticides, and other chemicals in the environment and how they affect my son, I was able to cut these things out as best that I could in a toxic world and see a great change. Last but not least, Tamara brought me closer to The Lord and helped me to grow in my journey of faith. I will never forget her telling me that we have to believe with every ounce of our being that God will heal, and by doing that, my faith has grown and my relationship with God and Jesus Christ had grown and I have been able to see His hand guiding me on this journey.
Los Angeles, CA.
(added 04/04/2007)

“Thought I’d drop you a note to let you know that Johnny is getting a lot more playful. He now likes to play catch with a rubber ball. We stand five or six feet from each other and he usually is able to catch the ball! Also, he now loves it when his sister Chloe teases him and tackles him — he used to run for his life from her because she was too boisterous for him. We’re thrilled as you can imagine. Last night there was a sudden cloudburst and he ran to get out of the rain. I noticed when he was running that he had a normal pumping motion with his arms — no flailing. So: thank you, thank you.” Thanks much,
Jana Dembski

I am Peter Dunkle and I will become a U.S. Navy SEAL.

On April 28 2007, I ran in the Country Music Marathon in Nashville. I was a fool to do this in that I had not properly trained for such an extensive run. I finished the marathon and as a result, began to feel pain in the lower area of my legs. A CAT scan and MRI showed that I had suffered severe stress injuries to the upper portion of both my shin bones just below the knees. Any more running that day would have created stress fractures, or tiny cracks, in my bones, which is exactly how the pain felt. Because of this, I could no longer run or work-out my lower body. Even swimming, which is widely used as a form of physical therapy, would cause pain on the injury site. This greatly affected my future career in the Navy. Twice my shipping date arrived to go to boot camp, and twice I had to have this date moved back a few months to recover until my injuries had healed. All I could do at this time was wait and rest.

I happen to live next door to Tamara Mariea. When she heard about my situation, she suggested that I come to her studio for treatment. For five days a week, I would spend 32 minutes on the QRS (quantron resonance system) and take daily supplement pills. Through muscle testing, I was advised to completely take wheat out of my diet, which turned out to be very crucial in my recovery. Five months later, I am now swimming and running without any pain, whatsoever. It’s exactly as if I had never gotten hurt. I had, however, learned a very important lesson: “train hard and train smart!”

My shipping date is a week away and I am very happy to say that I am ready for it! The treatment that I received at Internal Balance has been a valuable and necessary part of my recovery. Internal Balance has literally given me my career back. If it weren’t for Tamara Mariea and her hardworking staff, I am not sure were I would be right now. Thank you very much everyone!

Peter Dunkle|

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