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This makes me SAD!

When someone of such high celebrity status publicly promotes her decision to lop off both her breasts based out of fear, not knowledge and empowerment, in an attempt to reduce the possibility of a future breast cancer from developing, I cringe at the advice she was given. The video linked here in my post clearly portrays truth regarding the faulty statistical analysis Jolie used to help her make this decision. In Angelina Jolie’s Op-Ed article, there was NO discussion of less invasive options, NO discussion of removing the estrogen producing sources in her body or in her environment (i. e. ovaries and estrogen mimicking synthetic chemicals) leading me to believe these issues were not discussed at all. In addition, there was NO discussion of the terminal end metabolites caused by faulty estrogen metabolism through her liver, which would ACTUALLY cause the tissue specific build up of estrogens and faulty hormonal signaling which could either impede the DNA signaling necessary from the BRCA1 tumor suppressor protein mechanism or over stimulate the faulty gene. Either way, the answer is in prevention and can be accomplished with lifestyle and life-environmental Breast Healthawareness as well as a REAL clinical detoxification program where tissue detoxification can be fully accomplished. I recently posted my family’s genetic problems with breast, endometrial and ovarian issues and showed my clients the impressive outcome of being properly engaged in a detoxification program for years. We have developed a Breast Detox Cocktail; we educate women on their liver’s involvement in estrogen metabolism and how to optimize hormonal balancing within your own system regardless of your genetics. We teach people how to find their lifestyle sweet spot whether it is through diet, reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption or engaging in detoxification modalities that will actually make a difference. WE feel confident that we can help women become healthier and reduce their risks and their fears. If this is one of your fears or you know women who live in fear of breast cancer, please call our office to schedule a FREE 15 minute discussion regarding non-surgical options to reduce your risks and SAVE YOUR TATAS! 
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Breast Health and Detox
(4 Years of Results 2009-2013)

Updated about 3 months ago (March 2013) • Taken at Internal Balance Inc.

BREAST Health and DETOX…. My Beautiful Mother was diagnosed in 2006 with Breast Cancer at 62 years old. Her sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in her 30’s, their grandmother, my great grandmother died of liver cancer, but believed to potentially have been a breast metastasis. Their Mother, my Grandmother who is currently living and 99 years old was diagnosed with endometrial cancer at 97 years old. There is obviously an aberration in hormonal metabolism (performed by the liver by the way) in our maternal genetics. However, only one of these women are dead, one is a 40 year post cancer survivor, my mother is a 7 year post cancer survivor and my grandmother is 99 and they are not treating her cancer. I posted an interesting cancer post a few weeks back and I am highlighting it again here today (please watch the video in that post) along with my digital images from my own thermography testing, which is a safe alternative to mammography (i.e. radiation). When the genes are toxic, lack oxygen or are too tired, cancer ensues usually due to the environment, YES, the environment can even trigger seemingly genetic hormonal cancers. I was exposed to a VERY POTENT chemical estrogen in 2002, pesticides. I was raised by a truck driver and was exposed to diesel at a very young age and all through adolescents, which is a VERY potent chemical estrogen. I then went into the environmental field and primarily dealt with petrochemicals (more diesel) waste streams and underground storage tank remedial projects, which are VERY potent chemical estrogens. In my 20’s, while in the environmental field I had two VERY large breast lumps spontaneously develop in my left breast while I was on a project at BP Oil refinery. They were surgically removed with NO explanation or correlation to my exposures; NO questions were asked…BOOM, these things just happen RIGHT! God blessed me by equipping me for my mother when she was diagnosed with her breast cancer. We found diesel to be her trigger and had stored as a calcified toxin in her breast. We detoxified her and she is well. Her story is on our Breast Health page of our website. Now remember, my father was a truck driver and she was exposed there, but she had just been exposed in her work environment to a diesel spewing crane for months right before the spontaneous lump appeared. This was her body’s tipping point!! Now this is why I do not want women pumping their own gasoline. I am showing the amazing effects of detox on my own breast tissue so as to highlight what can be accomplished and prevented. The key to beating cancer is to prevent it and to become proactive against it. The 1st set of images was taken in 2009 and the second set in 2013. The greenish, yellow and red areas indicate toxicity, calcification and inflammation, all treacherous and debilitating for breast health and lead to cancers. The second set of images show blue, clean breasts with lots of appropriate lymph activity. I even show my back here so that you can see the level of tissue detox systemically over time, which equates to less inflammation and healthier tissues and organs, amongst other valuable benefits.

Breast Health Internal Balance 
2009 Very hot inflammation in my back and shoulders, always in pain!
Breast Health Internal Balance 
2009 signs of calcification, stagnation and reduced lymph flow, all poor environments for healthy breast tissue

Breast Health Internal Balance 
2009 Left side, barely any lymph activity


Breast Health Internal Balance 
2009 Right side always more active do to issues with my liver after pesticide poisoning.


Breast Health Internal Balance 
2009, you can see the left breast calcifications and scar tissue where I had the lumps removed in my 20’s, things aren’t looking so good, but I was in the process of detox and felt positive about what I was doing to get well.


Breast Health Internal Balance 
2009, another angle depicting stagnation!


Breast Health Internal Balance 
2009, spinal cord on fire and boy did I always feel that remnant of the pesticide poisoning, PAIN, PAIN, PAIN!!!!.


Breast Health Internal Balance 
2013, What a WONDERFUL CONFIRMATION!!! DETOX WORKS…PRAISE GOD!!! Look at the improved tissue health, the Blue color that indicates less inflammation and healthy breast tissue. My lymph nodes in my neck are quite active and still dealing with toxins draining from my brain and spinal cord as well as nerves. There is much less red, yellow and green than 4 years ago and more blue and green color indicating significant improvement.


Breast Health Internal Balance 
2013, significant improvement due to detox.


Breast Health Internal Balance 
2013, Getting better all the time!!!


Breast Health Internal Balance 
2013, Really Hot and Active Axillary Lymph nodes on my right side, PRAISE GOD, I am draining, liver looks much better and has taken a lot of abuse from chemicals and detox over the last 10 years and well before in my ignorant youth. Thanks to Jesus for his longsuffering love and patience.


Breast Health Internal Balance 


Breast Health Internal Balance 
2013, much less inflammation in in my back, shoulders and spinal cord, significantly less pain too. There is barely any RED in the spinal cord itself now, whereas it was HOT RED in 2009 and prior. My lymph nodes are busy and working to move out still residual toxicity in the brain and nerves. Tissues are much healthier!!


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A new study just reported shows that infants born today, according to blood samples are born with a toxic load of over 287 industrial chemicals including solvents, petrochemicals and heavy metals. Another study reported that samples of breast milk taken in over 1200 new mothers contained over 206 industrial chemicals. Many of these chemicals are fat soluble and are stored nicely in the mammary glands and fatty tissues of the breast.

For well over 70 years women have been slowly and increasingly more exposed to chemicals in their life and work environments. Whether you are a farmer’s wife and have been exposed for decades to pesticides, herbicides and diesel exhaust from farming equipment or you are a woman who has worked in the environmental field exposed to multiple chemical environments, including underground storage tank removals, refinery waste, metal cleaning acids, heavy metal contaminated waste by products or you simply pump your own gas and live in this heavily industrialized and technologically burdened society, you have accumulated breast toxins that put you at risk of breast cancer. The following are just a few of the chemicals tested that are known to cause mammary breast tumors in animals when chronically exposed: Styrene (from Styrofoam), Benzene (from gasoline, exhaust and other petrochemicals), Formaldehyde (from clothing, carpets, household paints, furniture, etc…), Flavoring additives (found in food), Dyes (found in food and textiles, inks and print), Indium Phosphides (found in all computers and microelectronics), Flame retardants (found in many household items, including your mattresses and children’s pajamas).

In the last several decades, people have been purchasing chemical solutions for everything in and around their homes, from benzene containing carpet to household cleaning chemicals, but the most recent nightmare in my opinion is the “memory foam” industry that claims to support a good night sleep. Memory foam, carpet, pressurized woods, and cheap synthetic materials are made with formaldehyde, polyurethane, polyethylene, benzene, styrene, dyes and other “Organic” hydrocarbons. All of these chemicals and their derivatives are known carcinogens and many of them are fat soluble and have been found in breast milk. What does all this mean? Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the evidence, the time frame and the increased incidence of breast cancer to determine, YES, your breast are holding numerous toxins and need to be detoxified ASAP to reduce your risk of cancer causing chemicals triggering the proliferation of cells and developing into breast cancer.

Let’s save your breasts by cleaning them from the inside out. Try our “Newly Formulated” Breast Detox Cocktail, targeted at safely and effectively eliminating these noxious stored chemicals from your breast tissue and giving you the peace of mind all women deserve. To be able to take action through healthy diet, exercise, conscious life environmental decision making and effective detox nutrition intervention allows us to stop the nightmare fears of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Take action, empower your life and stop living in fear. According to Suzanne Somers’ new book titled “Knockout: Interviews with Doctors who are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting it in the First Place”, every human being on the face of the this earth today needs to hire a knowledgeable clinical nutritionist, become educated about the chemicals negatively impacting our cellular health and engage in a thorough detoxification program.

Tamara Mariea, PhD, CCN and owner of Internal Balance Inc. for the past 10 years has been effectively detoxifying human beings and providing strong professional advice in the area of clinical nutrition and environmental lifestyle management. She is the Diva of Detox! Please review the testimonials below so that you can develop the hope and confidence you need to take action.

 Prevention or Early Detection?

We all know that early detection can prolong life expectancy, however if cancer has been detected early it would mean that one already has cancer. Prevention should take precedence over detection. Prevention means not getting cancer in the first place

Cancer starts with one abnormal cell, and it takes nearly 8 years for that one abnormal cell to replicate to one billion cells. One billion cells produce a detectable lump that is one centimeter in size. This is the size of a lump that can be seen on a mammogram. This is not an early finding.

Instead of just screening for breast cancer, a thermogram can tell you how healthy the breasts are. It also has the potential to truly detect breast cell anomalies long before mammography can detect cancer. This allows one to implement lifestyle changes that can improve the health of the breasts proactively instead of waiting for a cancer diagnosis later.

The single greatest risk factor for the development of breast cancer is lifetime exposure to estrogen, therefore normalizing the balance of the hormones in the breast may be the first and most significant step in prevention. A thermographic study can not assess hormone levels; this can only be done with pathology, blood or saliva, but thermography can give useful information about hormonal imbalance or hormonal dysfunction. If a woman’s thermographic images suggest a relative progesterone deficiency (estrogen dominance), treatment of this condition may play a significant role in prevention. Breast thermography is the only known procedure that can detect estrogen dominance and monitor the effectiveness of treatments directed at normalizing the hormone balance in the breasts. 
Every woman should know her risk for breast cancer. With proper risk assessment that includes different testing modalities, the patient is able to determine her risk factors and develop an action plan on how to improve the breast tissue or even reverse the existing developments. The current accepted “after the fact” strategy of mammogram screening is not enough to protect women from breast cancer. Thermal imaging should be an important factor in every woman’s regular breast health care.

Thermography is a valuable procedure for alerting your health care provider to changes that can indicate early stage breast disease. When changes are detected early, prior to actual tissue disease, the abnormal process can be reversed with hormone replacement therapy and holistic treatments resulting in the disease not developing. This is the best use of preventative medicine.

Tamara’s Mom’s Story

Tamara’s mother, Judy used custom nutritional IV therapy, custom sequential detoxification with a multi-modality approach to “Knockout” cancer. Judy’s fight to save her breasts and her life began with her diagnosis of breast cancer in June of 2006. “The diagnosis was scary” says Judy, “but what even scared me more was the confusing information about how to approach my treatment plan”. There are numerous health professionals in conventional medicine in Tamara’s immediate family. Two sister-in-laws are strongly rooted and networked with top health professional throughout the Northern Ohio Region. They were strongly advising Judy to have a mastectomy per her breast specialists’ advice, even though the results of the lumpectomy suggested stage 1 or 2 and a lymphoidectomy had not yet been performed. The doctor that performed the lumpectomy said that the margins of his surgery performed did not show clean margins and that she definitively had breast cancer. An oncology treatment plan, including further surgery (i.e. mastectomy of the right breast), chemotherapy and radiation treatments were presented to Judy and her two other daughters, Tonya and Tina at the time.

Tamara probed them to ask other questions, for example, would it be possible to schedule a further surgery performing a lymphoidectomy only to see how much more serious it is and then determine our next steps with or without conventional breast cancer treatments. The surgeon agreed reluctantly and the lymphoidectomy was scheduled 3-4 weeks out from the first surgery. In the mean time, Tamara’ suggested that her mother and her sister Tonya immediately get to TN for clinical detoxification and IV nutrition. Tamara’s proprietary testing methodology allowed Tamara to pinpoint her mother’s breast toxins and begin a methodical and sequential detoxification program custom and unique to her mother’s situation.

Tamara left no stone unturned when it came to helping her mother. Tamara found diesel fuel toxicity attached to both estrogen and progesterone receptors in her mother’s breast, brain and other female organ tissues. Interestingly enough, her mother’s breast cancer cells were both estrogen and progesterone positive. In addition, but not a coincidence, her mother had in recent months been exposed daily for 3 months in a row to the exhaust of a diesel fueled crane in her work environment. Tamara’s mom was not the only woman exposed in the same work environment to be diagnosed with breast cancer within the same time period; unfortunately, the others are not alive to this day. They were treated with conventional oncology (i.e. surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) and did not survive the treatments. Judy on the other hand was told after the lymphoidectomy that she no longer had cancer and that the margins were clean and they did not see any evidence of neoplastic cellular proliferation. Of course, instead of removing only the 10 lymph nodes like Judy was told they would need to remove, the doctor removed 20, leaving her with some drainage issues and needing another surgery for re-construction.

WOW… what a complete miracle; with the execution of clinical nutrition, clinical detoxification, a sugar free diet (with no sugar substitutes), reducing environmental exposures, lots of prayer, action and highly informed decision making, Judy is alive and well. She is more well than ever before. She is on a long term regime which has included chemical, viral and bacterial detoxification over the last 3 ½ years. She is on a regular intake of vitamin D3, nutrient injections including multiple forms of B12, her liver is her priority which makes perfect sense, considering that hormones are hydroxylated by the liver. She has taken a customized version of the VibroNutrients® Breast Detox Cocktail along with occasional trips for in-clinical detoxification. An ongoing burden in Judy’s life has been chronic insomnia and viral infections. A special form of melatonin has helped Judy get better rest along with reducing her risk of additional cancers of all types. It is well researched that by improving melatonin levels, it is possible to reduce your risk for all know types of cancer by 50%. In addition the research available on vitamin D3 and its involvement in over 200 genes in our human body and its control over DNA repair is a critical nutrient for all cancer survivors.

“I am so grateful to my daughters who helped me navigate through the sea of information regarding my treatment of my breast cancer and for my sons who supported my decisions. I feel so confident in detoxification, nutrition and what my daughter, Tamara is doing for people at her clinic in Tennessee. She is a wealth of knowledge and certainly GOD has gifted her with a love for helping people heal naturally!”

Preventive Digital Thermography Breast Monitoring can save lives. For more information on thermography

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