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Medical Services Medical Services, Nutritional IV, Nutrient Injectible Therapy: Wellness, wellbeing and your personal energy level has never been more important. In today's world, if you lose your health and wellbeing, re-gaining what you have lost can be time consuming and elusive.

Many will have to decide that returning themselves to their state of wellness is a personal mission; one to be pursued with the determination of a crusade. Internal Balance is the place to begin your mission.
Breast Detox & Health Do your breasts hold toxins? When you breast feed; are you feeding your baby their future immunity plus chemicals? Do industrial chemicals and exogenous hormones trapped in your breast cause cancer? Are your estrogen receptors clogged with other estrogen mimicking chemicals, making your own production of estrogen increasingly more dangerous to your breast tissue?
Sports Nutrition Biochemical nutrition and detoxification can help promote performance in sports as well. When the body is not burdened metabolically by toxicity and lack of nutrition, the body can do miraculous things.

Energy is increased, efficiency of utilizing our fuel is improved and muscle strength and development is sharply enhanced.
Ionithermie Ionithermie reduces the orange peel appearance of cellulite, causing clinically proven inch loss.

Ionithermie works by using two kinds of electrical stimuli, algae, conductive clay and Les Complexes Biotechniques product range. It is the only treatment on the market to incorporate all of these elements to maximize the results on cellulite.
Detoxification --- A New Idea for a New Generation At Internal Balance we offer treatments that are unique for each of our clients. Every person who comes to us arrives with his or her own set of needs, which we take seriously and address individually.
Concious Conception Round-Up "Glyphosate" ready seed and sprayed crops along with GMO "Genetically Modified Organisms" are destroying our GUTS and our Human Microbiomes. - Click Here to Watch Video
"What we EAT Matters to our Fetus's development and Future Health all the way through the Birth Canal" - Click Here to Read Full Article

It is our goal at Internal Balance Inc. to create the awareness for young woman to begin a detoxification program prior to conceiving. Research is beginning to confirm what many people would consider common sense; women are passing their accumulated toxic burden to their babies while pregnant. We have now had 70 years of toxic bioaccumulation of chemicals acquired from our environment.
Chronic Fatigue- Chronic Lyme Syndromes Fatigue has become one of the nations #1 wellness complaints for millions of Americans and even children. The key to the success of your detoxification program is addressing underlying toxicity and metabolic dysfunction.

Many people, men, women, and children have trouble falling and staying asleep at night. This interrupted sleep pattern can be related to conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism and the latest disease “restless leg syndrome.”
Autism What has changed to bring about the Autism epidemic? Many experts are digging deep to find the answers in our genetics. But, isn’t it possible that our genetics are playing out diseases earlier in life due to accumulated toxicity and injured DNA.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Tamara Mariea’s professional career has been her work with families battling autism.
Tamara Mariea “ Certified Clinical Nutritionist who has worked with clients from all over the world for years, helping them improve their health, performance and quality of life through the principals of detoxification, bioenergetics and human clinical nutrition.One of the most rewarding aspects of Tamara Mariea’s professional career has been her work with families battling autism.”

Tamara Jo Mariea, PhD, CCN
Biochemist/Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Tamara Mariea, Founder and Director of Internal Balance, Inc., is a biochemist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, who has worked with clients from all over the world for years, helping them improve their health and quality of life through detoxification, bioenergetics and nutrition.

In 2000, Mariea opened a private wellness practice, Internal Balance Inc., which is today located in Nashville, Tennessee. She founded the clinic based on the research and principals of Dr. Roger Williams in 1950 at The University of Texas, Austin known as Biochemical Individuality, as well as Dr. Jeffery Bland's research on Genetic Nutritioneering at The Functional Medicine Institute in Gig Harbor, WA. However, she has branched out into other more critical and synergistic disciplines such as environmental wellness, detoxification and bioenergetics.

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Phyllis Frost, RN, BSN

Phyllis Frost, RN, BSN

Originally a diploma nursing program graduate, I returned to school to obtain my BSN in 1979 from the University of Florida. My experience includes 24 years in Labor & Delivery along with 9 additional years in the PACU for Gynecological surgeries. I recently retired from full-time nursing after 33 years at Vanderbilt Medical Center! I am now very happy to be providing my IV expertise and lengthy nursing experience for Internal Balance Inc. on a par-time basis. Working here part-time is enjoyable and refreshing and I have an opportunity to stay sharp with my IV skills along with learning something very different late in my career.


Erin Meadows

Erin Meadows
Client Services and Detox Tech Support

I absolutely love Internal Balance Inc.! I met Tamara Mariea a couple years ago in 2010. I would hear her talk about the clinic when she would come in to Athena to work out and I thought it was so neat and inspiring. I never imagined I would actually be working here at this clinic one day. I have worked here for a year now, and what a blessing it has been!! My favorite part of working at this clinic is working directly and closely with our clients. I love getting to know each client and their families. We all get to celebrate with them when they or their loved ones improve. I have seen some amazing healings here and it just blows my mind how everything is designed for each individual uniquely.



Kyle Nelson
Client Liaison/Clinical Detoxification Counselor

Kyle has been an inspiration to our practice, her patience and persistence through every step of her daughters care and detox, along with her calm demeanor has given a new dimension of care offered to client families. After spending 5 years in the mental health arena, Kyle earned a Masters Degree in Counseling to educated and help people cope with life's emotional challenges. It wasn't until she had children that she would rely on that training to help her face her own greatest challenge; helping her three year old daughter recover from a traumatic brain injury.

"My daughter Sierra was unable to walk or talk after her injury. She was on numerous medications to control seizures, which caused debilitating side effects. We were traveling across the country doing alternative therapies hoping for results. I was frustrated and disappointed. Then I was referred to Internal Balance by a friend. Tamara and I spoke initially for 20 minutes and I immediately knew we needed a full evalution. She gave no promises other than to work hard and do everything she could. And, she didn't disappoint me. We saw immediate results! Sierra is much healthier and continues to make progress. She is no longer on medication."

My decision to work at Internal Balance was an easy one. I already knew so much about detoxification and how difficult it is for families. I had seen changes in myself and others, and how it affected every aspect of our lives. But, more importantly, I wanted to return to where I started in my career, which was educating and helping others through life's challenges. What a blessing."


Valaria, Nowell, RN

Valaria, Nowell, RN

I have had 19 years of experience in Nursing; my career has been very fulfilling. Originally I attained a degree in Elementary Education, however, as soon as I graduated, I took a giant detour and changed my direction toward nursing. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I have never looked back or regretted it. I started working at Internal Balance Inc. in 2011 part-time while still working in the Gynecological Surgery unit at Vanderbilt University Hospital. Working at Internal Balance has given me a new perspective regarding healing and it has greatly enhanced my career and my viewpoint on medicine. After being involved in the delivery of medicine designed within our currently system of medicine for so long, I started to see the disease process from only one viewpoint, as modern medicine would see it. Tamara and her staff at Internal Balance has enlightened me and has shown me through the results that I witness here, a different approach and philosophy that works alongside modern methods of delivering care. I have enjoyed seeing and hearing the many stories of Hope and Healing. I administer the nutritional IV therapy at IB and love it, this is my passion at the hospital too and often get called in to do the more difficult cases at the hospital, so I feel that this experience has made me an excellent IV nurse at IB. I can offer my expertise and comforting confidence to those that are fearful of the IV process


Rebecca Wilhelm, RN

Rebecca Wilhelm, RN

I have been working part-time at Internal Balance for 3 years and love the environment Tamara has created there. I have been in nursing now for 15 years and have the heart to serve ill people. I am also currently working at Vanderbilt University Hospital in the Labor & Delivery department along with spending time in gynecological surgery. I am a charge nurse at the hospital and provide confident care in every arena of service. I truly love working at both Internal Balance and Vanderbilt because it is the best of both worlds in nursing! I get to see both sides of conventional and traditional (i.e. Holistic) medicine and when you combined them you get "Internal Balance"!


Lynley Voges

Lynley Voges
Detox Tech Support

The summer after I graduated High School from Harpeth Hall School for Girls 2011, I began working at Internal Balance Inc. It only took one day for me to see how special this place really was. The staff here is full of love and the sincere care they give their clients is unlike anything I have yet experienced. I am working again this summer 2013 and it is still evident and even more so, that God truly has His hand in and behind all that is being done here! I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing clinic.


Jaclyn DeLuca

Jaclyn DeLuca
Detox Technician in Training

I have currently been working with Internal Balance Inc. almost 2 years now. I had just declared my major as nursing when I found this job. My goal was to find a good full-time job that would allow me to gain clinical experience. Even-though I started here as a receptionist originally, I new I had taken a step in the right direction to achieve my goals. Little did I know, it would turn out to be the BEST step I took. Soon after I started I was moved to the clinic and started being gradually trained as a Detox Technician, while in a technician support position. I am blessed beyond belief to be chosen to work at this clinic. I can't explain how happy it makes me to see how we help clients in so many different ways.